Friday, December 14, 2007

a dog from ada

just listened to the new ada on areal and it is really stinky. what happened? 'blondie' was a real highlight of 2004 for me, but pretty much everything she has done since then has been subpar, to say the least. what a shame. saying that, the artwork for ada's release is awesome and remarkably appropriate:


  1. Indeed. What the hell happened to Ada? "Blondie" was such an awesome album. And now she's serving up dogs.

    Woof woof.

  2. Well, we're serving up sausages, so...

    Where does that leave us exactly?

    What are our obligations in this case ;)?

    Sausageblogger's 'ethics of Fizzman'...

    I dunno, it's a form slump, I guess. I'm convinced that Ada was a songwriter all along. But maybe her magical relationship with the electribe has ended. I must say I wasn't fussed by Basteroid's album, either, though I have to give it a closer listen... but every time I try, I don't want to... I guess that means it's no good...


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