Sunday, December 30, 2007

done with 07.

Well the first mnml ssg bbq took place the other day and went down in fine style. There might be some photos of it later… Anyway, as the year is coming to an end, a couple of thankyous are in order. Reflections are also needed but I am too tired for that right now, so this short post will do. Things are a bit quiet here (music-wise as well as life-wise), more regular posts once everything (re)starts in 2008. Anyway…

Thanks to Deep Chord for helping me return to techno dub in a big big way.
Thanks to Vladislav Delay for making such wonderful, individual music.
Thanks to Betalounge for maintaining/restoring my sanity at key moments of the year.
Thanks to Troy Pierce for going deep and dark. Love it.
Thanks to Dial for having so much heart and sincerity.
Thanks to my fellow mnml ssg crew.

All the best for the start to 2008. Lets make it a good one.

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