Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ssg special - Panabrite

We are currently right in the full swing of a synth / kosmische / new age revival, and that's great, we are all having fun with it. One unsurprising consequence of this is that there has been a flood of synth music coming out. And lots of it sounds 'nice'. Hell, synths are cool fucking instruments. But great synth music involves more than just some pretty sounds... Luckily for us Panabrite is one artist working with these tropes who has managed to transcend the danger of simply sounding 'nice'. His music is nuanced, textured and reflects a deep understanding of the genres he is working in and with. This is most likely due in part to his deep knowledge of library music, synth, kosmische and related obscurities, as evidenced on his 'Lunar Atrium' blog.

Two free Panabrite releases - "Frequency Bath" and "Frequency Bath II" - caught Dave's attention and we've been keeping an eye on him since then. And he seems to be just getting better, with the most recent Panabrite album, 'Illumination', being particularly excellent. I would thoroughly recommend you invest in it, at $5 through bandcamp there is no good reason not to. Much like his music, the mix that Panabrite has put together is rich, warm synth music with strong historical sensibilities. Enjoy:

Panabrite - ssg special mix

As usual, we will post the tracklist next week. I am not sure how much it will help, though, I literally recognise only one artist in it! Panabrite has a string on new releases coming up, including the eagerly anticipated "Soft Terminal" LP on Digitalis, as well as the "Sub-Aquatic Meditation" LP on Aguirre and the "Blue Grotto" cassette on Love All Day. And more in the pipeline after that... If you can't wait for these, I would suggest spending some time at the Panabrite bandcamp. You can find basically all of his releases there and they are very reasonably priced. For more information also check the Panabrite page. Big thanks to Norm for this lovely mix.


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