Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Panabrite tracklist

Here is the tracklist for Panabrite's lovely synth excursion. If you haven't checked this mix yet, I really recommend you do. It is perfect for soothing the nerves. And as you can see from the tracklist it is also pretty educational, being made up of mainly old music. Interesting to see how directly it talks to the current synth music being made...

Panabrite - ssg special mix

1) Giampiero Boneschi "Etude Rythmiques No. 165" from Caratteristici (Fonit, 197?)
2) Arturo Stalteri "Il Prisma Magico" from Andre Sulla Luna (RCA, 1979)
3) Giorgio Moroder "Aus (The End)" from Einzelganger (Oasis, 1975)
*segway: Jean C. Roche "Gran Sabana (edit)" from Oiseaux du/Birds of Venezuela
4) Venn Rain "Velvet Trees" from Humming Hills (Goldtimers Tapes, 2011)
5) Eric Peters "Haunted Planet" from Music for Synthesizers (Studio G, 1978)
6) Gianni Safred "Electronic Brain" from Futuribile:The Life to Come (Music Scene, 1978)
7) Charlatan "Like Glass" from Charlatan/Spare Death Icon split (Stunned, 2011)
8) Lino Capra Vaccina "Voce In XY" from Antico Adagio (No label,1978)
9) Gary Sloan "Turbo" from Nightraid (Proof, 1983)
10) Malcolm Cecil "Birth of Light" from Radiance (Unity, 1981)
11) David Casper "Crystal Waves 1" from Crystal Waves (Hummingbird, 1984)
12) Enno Velthuys "Untitled #7" from Ontmoeting (Kubus Kassettes, 1982)

Thanks again to Norm for the mix. More soon.


  1. At least this mix is at the bleeding edge of electronic music unlike that stagnant Lawrence mix...

  2. My musical chops are clinging for dear life to Giorgio Moroder's name on that list.

  3. thanks for this..
    does anyone know where i can find a copy of Gary Sloan Nightraid (Proof, 1983)
    the release is not even on discogs

  4. lovely mix - lovely blog! If you like that kind of "old" electronics check out our blog: http://thegrowingbin.blogspot.com

    cheers, Basso


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