Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MNML SSGS party time in Tokyo - 3rd and 4th March

It is not long until our MNML SSGS party with natural/electronic.system. on Saturday 3 March. Less than two weeks! We are expecting this to be a very proper session... Details for the party are here. And we thought that the best way to recover from the big night would be with a chill out party at Orbit the next day. And luckily we have as our special guests DJ duo INNEN + AUSSEN. Expect something very special from these guys! If you want an idea of what to they might do, check this fantastic mix by them:


Saturday 3 March 2012
23:00 - late
3,000 yen (door) 

B2F: Main Floor
natural/electronic.system. (Italy - all night set) 

B1F: 'Sound Garden' chill out
Chris (MNML SSGS) / Dave the silent ssg (MNML SSGS) / David Dicembre (Combine) / Jelomu (Drone)

Sound Garden - March party

Sunday 4 March 2012
16:00 - late
Bar Orbit, Sangenjaya

Residents: David Dicembre (Combine) / Jelomu (Drone) / Chris (MNML SSGS)

Module party with natural/electronic.system. on Saturday 3 March and then INNEN + AUSSEN at Orbit on Sunday 4 March. This is going to a weekend of seriously good music. Mark your diaries!

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