Tuesday, May 26, 2009

return mix

back from a fantastic night out in manchester with the erosion boys, marcel fengler and the seldom felt crew. i have some thoughts coming out of all that, which i plan to write about soon. for now i just wanted to share with you this mix i put together last weekend. if you've heard either of the other two mixes i've posted online before, you'll have a fair idea of what to expect: deep, emotive techno sounds focused on the heart and mind, rather than the feet. an important differences, though, is that i have developed a much better sense of how ableton works now, so this mix is a lot cleaner in terms of both mixing and sound quality. this mix occupies a roughly similar location on the sound seascape (i think sound seascape is actually more accurate as a crappy analogy than sound landscape), but i think the feeling is definitely lighter - no doubt a reflection of my slowly changing mood. the picture accompanying it is one i took the other week on the coast of wales. while at first it may look a bit bleak, i find it uplifting. i am happy and proud of this picture, and the mix too. i'll put the tracklist in the comments section so it is your choice if/when you have a look at what the mix is composed of. all records are left at original speed and the mixing is basically just laying, but that is all that is necessary for my purposes.

chris - return mix (55 min, 320kbps)

from my techno heart to yours.


  1. tracklisting:

    1. jeff mills - optima
    2. richie hawtin - 12:00
    3. antti rannisto - shared space
    4. pan sonic - reuna alue
    5. andy stott - edyocat
    6. donnacha costello - closing circles
    7. plastikman - drp
    8. lawrence english - allay
    9. kangding ray - altiz
    10. autechre - crib
    11. you dee - night for love
    12. bvdub - return to tonglu
    13. klimek - new (vintage) deal (warmer)
    14. vladislav delay – untitled

  2. Beautiful mix mate, great selection of tracks!! Am a huge follower of the mnml ssgs blog, quality music and debate, just wish something like this existed when i first started collecting music 15 years ago!! Keep up the good work bro!! All the best from Sligo/Manchester!!

  3. nice nice nice, deep, floating music, i love it!!!!
    multiple listens to it!

  4. Chris, I really feel like you nailed this one, man.

    Perfectly pitched Hobson melancholy... send a deep/techno head to Aberystwyth and look what happens...

  5. I'm looking forward to this and your report on Erosion!

  6. really enjoyed this and it comes across as what sounds to be a personal mix for you with lots of great textures and sounds.

  7. this is fantastic. it really breathes and flows organic. totally what i´m into myself when it comes to mixing at the moment. many mixes seem a little claustrophobic cause tehy don´t give the single tracks enough space. well done. will keep this one.

  8. keep up the good work , really like your blog .. cheers

  9. This is an absolutely stunning, gorgeous mix Chris. Somehow you managed to capture my mood perfectly. Thanks! :-)

  10. Melancholi-tastic. A perfectly restrained mix. Nice one Chris.

  11. took 9,000 years to download ;) but it was worth it :) beautifullllll (and yes i downloaded and listened without seeing the tracklist first... a real pleasure and and honor to be on there... especially after that amazing you dee track)

    takes me back to when mixes were personal... some much-needed perspective. thanks Chris.


  12. hi guys

    i just wanted to thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. i wasn't quite sure whether to share this mix originally, but i am very happy i did. i glad people could sense the feeling. i am happy i could share some music so close to my heart with you all.



  13. That hit the spot. Thanks chris.

    Oh, and bvdub, your track 'To Live' is an amazing piece of art. Just wanted you to know :)

  14. really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing


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