Monday, May 4, 2009


now that life is a bit more normal, i've been listening to more EPs and LPs again. so one thing i'm going to try to start doing is putting together charts and posting them now and again. this is what i've been digging:

jacek sienkiewicz - 'modern dance' [cocoon]: i've been waiting quite a while for this one to drop, and it was definitely worth it. a very carefully composed album and i am particularly like that the whole thing is all mixed in together. one of my picks of the year so far.

tobias. - 'clapper' [diamonds & pearls]: the efdemin contribution to this split EP is surprisingly weak, but the tobias. track? boom. big room killer. absolutely love the old school riff in this.

donnacha costello - 'the only way to win is not to play the game' [look long]: while i think this is one seriously bullshit title for the EP, i have no problem with the tracks. the more i listen to them, the more they've grown on me. simple, emotive, beautiful. essential.

byetone - 'plastic star remixes' [raster-noton]: ok, this is not new but i only just discovered it. while the sleeparchive remix is great, it is the alvo noto one that really does it for me. it would be seriously destructive dropped at just the right moment...

planetary assault systems - 'temporary suspension' [ostgut]: a very logical pairing, as the influence of the early planetary assault systems gear is crystal clear in the ostgut/berghain brand of techno. slater delivers the goods with the title track - so much pressure. combined with the right bass kick and i can see this really doing damage on dancefloors.

peter van hoesen - 'face of smoke / continued care' [komisch records]: you can just feel the momentum the hose is gathering, can't you? this is the first release from a new label that has the support and backing of some people whose opinions i greatly respect, so i think this might be one worth paying attention to. and it starts in fine form - i think this is one of the best things peter has done. he is continuing to build a powerful, distinctive take on techno. looking forward to seeing what the rest of '09 has in store for him.

silent servant - 'la noche' [historia y violencia]: this is silent servant's new bomb on his label with santiago salazar. while santiago's track is very nice, i can't escape 'la noche'. this one reminds me of the harder edged basic channel stuff but is most definitely not trapped by that legacy. just like his other sandwell labelmates, basically everything he is doing right now is gold. i am not sure when this ep is coming out, but when it does, get it.

sandwell district - variance edits [sandwell district]: you have one mix from function, one from marcel dettmann and one from regis. need a say more? all are top notch techno and each one reflects exactly what you'd expect from the different producers. sandwell continues its excellent run...

bvdub - 'a prayer to false gods' [shoreless] and 'to live' [smallfishrecords]: a pair of releases i just picked up from bvdub. both continue his fine form of late. 'a prayer to false gods' is - i think - a bit more ambient than many of his previous releases (i may be wrong on this). anyway, i really like it. and 'to live' is simply stunning. a 20 minute musical reflection on life from brock. i am not sure whether there is anyone more musically honest than this guy. there is so much feeling in what he does, i sometimes really struggle listening to it actually.

ok, that's it (i think). i'd be very keen to find out what everyone has been listening to, so please feel free to add charts, tracks to check etc. in the comments.


  1. Chris, you forgot the release by Donato and Cio that is coming out this month on Time To Express ... :-)
    Finally Menta is getting released !!! It also includes a remix by Peter and the track Limone (which is a special one but o so good)

  2. @ evad: no, i didn't forget, i just don't have a copy of it yet. i can't chart stuff i haven't heard properly! i hope the function remix sees the light of day at some stage too...

  3. Ah ok, thought you might have it already.
    Anyway, it's worth the wait. To me personnaly it's the release of the year so far ...
    As for the rest, excellent choice!

  4. all of those listed have been on constant repeat for me, esp the planetary assault systems and sandwell district variance edits.

    i would add:

    stl - silent state
    sendai - system policy
    kassem mosse - workshop 8
    dj koze - mrs bojangles
    donnacha costello - tragedy of the commons

    donnacha's new label is really a winner.

  5. @ minimill: been meaning to get hold of the STL. i've been hearing nothing but excellent reports... i am not convinced about 'the tragedy of the commons', though. i love donnacha but find the release a bit weak. the tracks dont quite do enough. but you are right, a very, very positive start for his new label.

  6. Hauntologists - B2 [Hauntologists EP 1]

    Milton Bradley - Minus 126 In Berlin [Do Not Resist the Beat!]

    Gowentgone Remixes - m.a.m. (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Vidab 05.5]

    Norman Nodge - Rush [Marcel Dettmann Records]

    Silent Servant - Violencia (Original Mix) [Sandwell District]

    Unknown - A [Seldom Felt 3]

    Unknown - A [Seldom Felt 1]

    Louis Guilliaume - For Ever [SD Records]

    EQD - B [Equalized #002]

    Philus - pH (A2) [Sahko]

  7. 'clapper' is dope, loving that one as well. digging lil' tony's material on mood music right now for sure.

  8. I luuuuhve The Hose`s new one... danceflor destruction let me tell ya. every time

    01 Peter Van Hoesen - Continued Care - Komisch 001
    02 N/A - Variance Function Edit - Sandwell District 013
    03 Tr_nch (Dave Twomey) - The Hagfish - Unreleased
    04 Giorgio Gigli - Magnetic Field EP - Prologue 003
    05 N/A - Variance Regis / Dettmann Edits - Sandwell District 014
    06 Modern Heads - Raise The Gain - Radiance
    07 Martyn - Great Lengths - 3024
    08 Andy Stott - Brief Encounter / Drippin` - Modern Love
    09 Scuba - Klinik / Hundreds & Thousands - Hot Flush
    10 O/V/R - Interior - Blueprint 025

  9. FYI, the title of that Donnacha EP is almost certainly a reference to the end of the movie Wargames, in which the global-thermonuclear-war simulating proto-AI computer "Joshua" drops the now timeless aphorism "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

  10. Yez .. charts would be v. good idea :]

  11. oh and that donnacha stuff is so *fresh* .. can't pick why?!? . v. clean sound

  12. @ iD3o3: with donnacha, my guess is it comes from the way he composes his tracks - there is a really emphasis on reduction and simplicity. while he uses different sounds, he reminds me a lot of melchoir with the way he composes his music.


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