Saturday, May 16, 2009

bits to pieces

picture this

there are two new visual blogs i have started following recently. first up is surgeon's 'back in the grinder', where he takes random pics of different people, places and things from his travels. there is something kind of intimate i like about it. second is from the sandwell district boys, who have started a blog 'where next?' of 'influences, information, disinformation and photos/videos of sandwell gigs'. all very interesting (the pic on the left is an example).

mixed up

it has been a while since i've posted some sets. time to change that. here are some of my recent favourites:

petar dundov @ air 4.4.09: this took place a few days before i arrived in tokyo. i am seriously pissed i missed it. a really beautifully crafted 2 hours of techno.

DEMF 2008: a couple of very special recordings from the festival last year. DBX live speaks for itself. as does deepchord live. a rare recording of a dj set from zip is further evidence of why he is one of the best, and most under-rated djs about, while this is one of the best sets from cassy i've heard in a while. there are other recordings from DEMF floating about but these are the creme, from what i've heard so far.

byetone @ mutek: if you aren't keeping up with the mutek 'casts, this is one that is worth grabbing. recorded back in 2000 but still sounds super fresh - evidence of how far ahead of the game the raster-noton guys have been.

dave siska - grey sky cracks: from the lovely 'sonic sunsets' page. the mix starts with fokewulf's totally awesome 'body heat' then just sets sail from there. the mix has a great sense of coherence in the feel of the records - 'retro-future analog visions' is the description they give for the mix. whatever. just give it a run (enjoying it as i type this).

peter van hoesen - mix: the hose knows. that simple. deadly stuff.

move d @ frei 8.5.09: great find by adriaan. regardless of move d's productions, one thing i have noticed is that his dj'ing has improved out of sight over the last year. the track selection has always been there, now the mixing is tighter. a lovely mix from d.

giorgio gigli - electronique 'cast: around the same time i was organising giorgio to do a ssg mix for us, this appeared and made me very glad he has agreed to do one for us too. this is a stunning mix - deep, timeless sounds.

manchester manchester

now that i am a bit more of a free man i am looking at getting out to some more parties, and manchester has some beauties coming up. planning to go see marcel fengler and seldom felt play on the 23rd at the next erosion party. very excited to see ssg mixer fengler in the act, and keen to see what the unknown seldom felt guys are like (their records are top notch). also hoping i can make it the following week on the 29th to the faktion party with female and andy stott - both have been on my 'to see' list for a long time... with crews and events like these, i dont think i will be bothering with london much anytime soon!

ok, that is all from me. have a good weekend ssgs..


  1. First, your blog is very good. Ancient Methods mix was amazing, it's of best mixes that i had heared.

    DEMF 2008: I think too that DBX, Deepchord and Zip mixes are creme, impressive.
    In this link there are more sets from DEMF 2008, recommended too: Nospectacle, Mike Grant...Vitamin water stage are the best.

  2. Petar Dundov @ Air = Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Sooooo nice.

    What the fuck was I doing on April 4th not being at Air??? Oh I remember... I was really sick but went to see Alva Noto. I guess I wasn't in any shape to go anyway... But fuck!! Fuck!!

  3. ZiP very nice, but it's a pity the set is only @60-70kbps... Do you know if there is a better quality version?

  4. @ JB: that is the only rip available, as far as i know. doubt there is a better quality available. it is listenable, but obviously higher quality would be nice!

  5. Speaking of which, here is a better sounding link to the same Cassy set:

    Cassy has all the best records!

  6. i know we don't play tracklistings here, but could someone tell what the first track of zip's set is?

  7. That cassy set is an absolute beast.

    Looking forward to checking out the other ones.

    Cheers lads

  8. the Giorgio Gigli is sooooo fucking good. can't wait to hear his ssgs 'cast.

  9. I've listened to the Peter Van Hosen set 3 times now - I've loved pretty much every minute of all his mixes that I've heard.

  10. zomgsandwich, thanks for the Petar Dundov link - pure sickness!

  11. It would be interesting to see how Seldom Felt approach their live show considering their releases are tracks by various well known artists operating anonymously.

  12. what the hell is that acid sounding freak me the fuck out track in the ZIP set at 1hr 36m? One of the scariest pieces of music I've heard in a long while! Would love to get hold of that. Cheers for the post Chris, always a pleasure to catch up on what you're listening too. jonnyp

  13. worked this one out myself rather easily if anyone's interested...

  14. awesome picks as always! thanks for that cassy set!!!111!11

  15. The Zip set is just brilliant. I like the funk and flow he's got the whole mix. Is their any tracklist available?

  16. That Dundov set at air is unreal. The last half hour is unbelievable. Partial tracklist at,_Air,_Tokyo


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