Saturday, December 6, 2008

mnml ssgs mx15: eli verveine

eli verveine is someone the ssgs have been wanting for the series right from the very start. we fell in love with her sounds when we chanced upon her brilliant carebear mix at the beginning of the year. while some people have it as one of their favourite sets from 2008, it is actually more than 4 years old, proof that quality music is timeless. the mix she has prepared for us shares many of the same traits - a careful, lovingly put together selection of vinyl.

one of the great charms about eli's dj'ing is that it has a very distinctive, thoughtful feel to it. when i listen to her mixes, i really get the sense she loves all the records she plays. so i thought i'd ask her to tell us a bit about her philosophy to dj'ing. this is what she wrote:

dj'ing is for me like storytelling. i love to play long sets. that way you have enough time to slowly create a mood and you can lead the audience anywhere you want.
it's easy for me to play as a warm-up dj. you just have to put your ego aside and spread the red carpet for the next dj. if the audience starts to scream during my last records before the next dj, i know i did a good job.
i also like playing during prime-time. you just have to know there are musical boundaries, no experiments accepted. but it can be very nice if you have enough time.
my absolutely favorite time to play is at sunrise. you can play whatever you want...

so there you have it...

mnml ssgs mx15: eli verveine
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robert hood – still
octal – heavier petting
swayzak – live, part 4
claro intelecto – dependant
dj joey anderson – thee analysis
stl – orange patterns
maus und stolle – extra vergine
chiapet – westworld
herbert – over and out
steve o`sullivan – she don`t do chicks
madteo – radici

thanks to eli for making the time to share her records with us. if you head over to her myspace, you'll also notice there are a couple of other mixes she's done. i've listened to all of them and they are most definitely recommended.

next week, benjamin brunn with his nord modular.


  1. Oh, there's something in my shoes ... yeah :)

  2. haha

    This set is perfect. thanks.

  3. i'm so happy Eli got her own ssg mix as i believe there is something in the water over in switzerland.
    thanks again.

  4. ssg mixes left and right these days! huzzah!

    funny enough, i was just conversing with a friend about eli today...sparks me as funny that all of a sudden her mnmlssg mix pops up. can't argue with that!

    will listen tomorrow while i clean the apartment and organize vinyl.

    and definitely looking forward to next week's treat... :D

  5. Very nice!! Would love to hear her play a long set some day.

    I'm excited for next week too...

  6. Hooray! Well done. 'Carebear' is one of my favorite mixes in recent memory & this new one's running close . . . has she released any tracks?

  7. This is a delightful mix, and her DJing philosophy is very, very similar to mine.


  8. very nice set, i'm really looking forward to brunn next week :)


    I've been anticipating this mix since the advent of the ssg mixes. Eli, at least in her recorded sets, has soared to the top of my interest this year through her preternatural, perhaps mystical ability to sew records together. This one's been fantastic for the first 24 hours; I'm sure I'll be leaning on it as much as I have her other sets. Eli and Omar-S, my modern day heroes.

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  11. perfect set. leaving enough air for the tracks to breathe wihtout loosing the tension. she´s got skills!

  12. finally my fave girl is getting some recognition. she must be a very special human being :)

    thank you to eli and you, mnml ssgs team!

  13. cloutier mnmlssg mix PRONTO

  14. just be patient. you got to trust us...

  15. loving this mix. the mixes are so long. you really do get a sense that she loves the music she plays. hooray!

  16. and i second the cloutier request. keep 'em coming.

  17. this is a really good mix. thank you eli & ssgs - i'll be looking up some of these on discogs...

    i love the pace.


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