Friday, December 12, 2008

mnml ssgs mx16: benjamin brunn and his nord modular

this week, a very special edition of the ssg mx series. benjamin brunn has given us a recording of his, which he says is a tribute to the nord modular - the source of those warm, loving sounds that define both his own music and his collaborations with move d. like all our contributors, brunn has a very distinctive sound palette. for me, brunn's music always feels very close and personal, intimate even. a great sense of warmth and comfort radiates throughout it. often when i am down or tired, i put on something he's done and it always makes me feel better. very few artists can have that kind of impact on me, so it's a sign (for me at least) of the depth and value of brunn's productions. the live recording he has kindly shared with us is a perfect example of this. i asked benjamin to write a bit about it:

Benjamin Brunn A tribute to the Nord Modular

I have been using my Nord Modular for 10 years now and even though I just started to use other sythesizers as well, I think it is going to stay my most important instrument for the next 10 years.

In this live set my Modular is assisted by a Roland TR-626 and Ableton Live with its Operator for some of the bass lines. For the sake of a one-flow set I played previously recorded Modular
sequences off Ableton to bridge the moments when switching from one patch to the other.

The recording took place at one of the last events at the legendary VOXXX club in my hometown
Chemnitz on Christmas Eve in 2005. This annual party was called Frequenzweihnacht, VOXXX was shut down one week later.

Frequenzweihnacht at VOXXX was to catch up with friends, some of them we had not seen for a
whole year. It was always a very warm vibe up there in the big hall. Local artists played their laid back, ambient and experimental music, suitable for the time: Right after gift giving at home with the families.

Frequenzweihnacht still happens, every Christmas Eve at a place called Weltecho in Chemnitz.


given that it is almost christmas, we thought it was the perfect moment to share this with you all and to remind us that this is the time of the year we should be spending with family and close friends. or, as the first track of 'songs from the beehive' suggests, 'love the one you're with'...

mnml ssgs mx16: benjamin brunn
rapidshare mirror

special thanks to benjamin brunn for sharing this with us. more info at his site and at his myspace. make sure to keen an eye out for his new release on binemusic, '77', which is a beauty.

next week, lerosa.


  1. beautiful...and indeed the music makes me happy :)

  2. this has made my day. thankyou ssgs and benjamin brunn.

  3. Oh boy oh boy oh boy I can't wait to listen to it when I get home from work. Thanks from me too to the ssgs and Benjamin Brunn!

  4. lovely music perfect for this time of year. thanks ssgs and benjamin.

  5. this is such a beautiful mix. just grooves...can see this getting a lot of summer listening.

  6. i probably would have replied about this sooner if i hadn't been so entranced by how effin' good it is, but...

    yeah, its really effin' good. in that unreal, "pinch me" sort of way.

    mind = blown.

  7. another nm user here!
    love my g1..and recently updated to g2..both are my main instruments at studio too. thanks for posting-sharing your sonic experiences with this amazing machine.


  8. great session! somebody Knows the track list?


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