Thursday, December 4, 2008

bits to pieces

just a quick post, as there were a couple of bits and pieces i wanted to share.

really happy that everyone has been digging the ssg mixes. sorry if they've been coming a bit fast. basically it depends on when artists get them back to us by. anyway, we've got a jam packed ssg fest to finish out the year. i'll be upping eli verveine's mix in the next day or so, and next week we have a very special christmas treat from benjamin brunn.

i saw this over at and definitely worth checking out. deadact is collecting as many examples as they can of artists faking it. it is seriously funny stuff. i dont particularly approve of the fact they've knocked up some half-assed merchandise in the last few days to go with the site, but it is worth checking for a good laugh.

also something i found on which i thought is quite an interesting idea and worth mentioning here given the debate over vinyl from pete's last post: 'Chris Liebing invites everyone who owns vinyl on the labels CLR, CLRetry, CLAU and Spinclub Recordings to download the digital version of these tracks for free from December 1st 2008 on. This will be an unlimited offer and includes all of the labels´ vinyl, no matter when or where it was bought over the last ten years. How will you get the digital download link? Just make a photo of yourself with the vinyl in your hand and mail it to us. Further details will be available on our website from December 1st 2008 on. This isn‘t all! In the future, we would also like to make one decision unnecessary for those who are still deciding between vinyl or digital purchases.. From 2009 on, we will give each vinyl buyer a code for a free download of the corresponding tracks (including the digital only versions). Chris Liebing: “It is obvious that more and more DJs are working with digital files just as I do. So I thought that maybe a few of those who like my music might appreciate getting those tracks which were once bought on vinyl, free of charge, and with little effort as digital files as well – legally and in the best possible quality.”' Certainly not a flawless idea, but definitely worth giving a shot. I guess one good thing that can come of the changing nature of the music is distributed is the potential for innovation and fresh ideas.

we've been getting lots of nice emails, which i want to respond to, but simply just don't have the time right now. i'm working anywhere from 12 - 16/17 hours 6 or 7 days a week at the moment, so even finding time for anything related to the blog is very difficult. hopefully we'll respond sooner or later. again, we really appreciate the support and interest, even if you dont always like what we are saying or doing.

finally, i know i have been flooding you with sets lately, but it is hard not to - there is just so much great stuff floating about right now. here are a handful of mixes i've really been digging:
  • cio d'or vanille 11 mix: this is a year or two old, but i only came across it the other month. it has been one of my favourite mixes of the year and has been on constant repeat. wow, this woman really has a way with records. her mixes are so perfectly put together.
  • the mighty hose (known to the government as peter van hoesen) has a new mix up over at his site. as you'd expect, quality all the way from one of my standout djs of 2008. (also, for those around brussels, he is playing live at what looks to be a cool party with ben klock).
  • j.kusti technofunk 3 mix: more talent from finland. on the deeper tip that i've been digging of late. tracklisting here.
  • petar dundov october 08 mix: to be honest, i still haven't gotten around to hearing his new album, but i'm keen to. regardless, it is good to have him back and being more active. this is a really nice techno mix, slightly more on the melodic side of things.
  • as i type this post my very sore head is being soothed by the sounds of robert henke, who has kindly provided us with a new live recording of his layering buddha project. you can find it over at his website along with instructions on what to do and not to do with it.
i need to sleep. eli verveine soon.


  1. Figure I ought to say something positive in light of my comments on the previous post:

    No worries re: the pace of the mix series. Definitely a great series, with two of my favorite mixes of the year coming out of it: both the Bvdub and Norman Nodge mixes have been in heavy rotation for me ever since I got hold of them. Looking forward to what you've got ahead for the year's end.

  2. A Christmas treat from Benjamin Brunn!! I'm excited...

    Chris Liebing's idea sounds alright--who wouldn't buy the vinyl version if you're gonna get mp3s (or wav?) as well either way? I would.

  3. deadact!!! holy shit! thank you so much. also, keep the mixes coming. and as far as Liebing's idea... what better way to have fun DLing the mp3. i'm sure they'll get some kooky pictures over there.

  4. very excited for eli and benjamin brunn.

    also, i've been really hopeful that labels will implement the "free digital download w/ purchase of vinyl" for awhile now. for example, i bought some records yesterday but cannot listen to them since i dont have my turntables with me; probably wont be able to listen to any of the records i've bought this semester.

    i could track down the mp3s online, but this is either promoting something that can hurt labels i love or fruitless because i cannot find the tracks anyway. a free DL from the label makes things easier both for myself and for anyone caught in the middle of formats.

  5. Thanks for posting the Cio D'or mix, Chris.

  6. you really killed it this year with the jackmate mix. thanks so much. keep on keepin´on! and keep on speaking your mind. always a good read.

    cheers from hamburg,
    henning around

  7. Wow, Chris. You weren't kidding. The Cio D'or is great. It sounds as or more fresh than many recent mixes. I dig her style.

  8. Oh, by the way, in my opinion, the more mixes the better. Bring it on.

  9. glad you like the cio mix benjamin. it really is special, isn't it? she just has such a great, distinctive style. i'm very excited to hear the ssg mix she's promised us!

  10. Chris Liebing's idea sounds alright--who wouldn't buy the vinyl version if you're gonna get mp3s (or wav?) as well either way? I would.

    i think you're missing the point...

    he's releasing old records digitally, but to get them for free you have to prove that you still own the vinyl. could be stuff he put out like ten years ago, remastered, and totally free.

  11. but eric, it looks like it also applies for new releases:

    "In the future, we would also like to make one decision unnecessary for those who are still deciding between vinyl or digital purchases.. From 2009 on, we will give each vinyl buyer a code for a free download of the corresponding tracks (including the digital only versions)."

  12. touche, chris...

    most indie rock labels have been doing that for a while now though. you get a code that's good for three downloads of the album, but its usually some shit version like a 128kbps or something.

    i'm sure liebing wouldn't be that dumb though.

  13. Ahhh Liebing, good idea though with the mp3.
    I miss his style of harder tech. Good thing I receive tomorrow his double CD / ten years of CLR remixes direct from Deutschland. Lucky me : ))

    Hey loving the Cio D'or mix that was suggested. How good is she. I saw her interviewed on the Slices DVD. She's no spring chicken so respect to her for being who she is and rejecting what people would expect someone of her age to be, AND such great music to boot.

  14. The Cio d'or mix is very nice indeed!

    Anybody know what's the track at 13mins ?

  15. Chris Liebing has totally switched.I had a chance to listen to his cd mix, i really disliked it.It's bouncy minimal.Even if it's very disapointing,I understand the guy must adapt himself with new standards if he wants to get booked more.Personally I don't like it and I much prefered when he would play hard techno, but we can't blame the man.

    Chris you really must listen to Petar Dundov 's album.It's a very very good album with a few classics in it.Of course you must have listened to his"oasis" timeless classic track already, but the rest of the album is definitly worth the listen.Petar has a very distinctive sound that sound like no one else.His interpretations of minimalism are very interesting.

  16. The Cio d'Or mix is amazing. Proper hypnotic, gets under your skin kind of stuff. Particularly after about 25 minutes, incredible. Thanks!

  17. Big up for the mixes again! Esp Van Hoesen and always smooth as hell Cio D'or, timeless minimal techno groove/psychosis..
    Is there any tracklisting avaliable by any chance? Esp the second tune is doing my head in cause i know i got it but cant recall the name..

  18. hey this is the first time i visit mnml ssgs and what can i say... keep it up, really! i've just downloaded for now two sets of Cio d'or and from what i've heard i can imagine what will be the rest... Very deeply vibrations who are opening very important sense in human body with not a certain form, only vibrations and from this you are able to create your own world. Really helps a lot! With this formula you are getting to the great answer of Cosmos - Infinity! Thank you very much to all involved!

    Much much LOVE and Respect!


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