Tuesday, November 4, 2008

mnml ssgs mx12: donato dozzy live @ labyrinth 2008

at a time when cookie-cutter mnml and deep house lite seem to dominate the (limited) mental horizons of most DJs, donato dozzy stands out as a unique and individual voice. dozzy has a very distinctive sound - deep, hypnotic, elemental - which he continues to pursue, regardless of fads and trends. as shed would say, 'true. techno. music.' the other month donato played an especially memorable closing set at the labyrinth festival in japan. we've already given the full rundown on it here, so no need to go into detail, but suffice to say, over 3 nights and days of incredible music it was donato's set that proved the standout. and now, for all of you who were unable to experience it, we give you the next best thing - the live recording. over 4 hours of dozzy good-ness for your listening and dancing pleasure.

listening to this mix again, it is just as good as i had remembered it. to get a better feel for the setting, there are some videos below from during donato's set. from memory he started around 2.30/3pm and played through until about 7pm on the monday afternoon/evening (the party had started on the friday night). enough talk, here you go:

donato dozzy live @ labyrinth 2008, part 1 (direct dl)
(sendspace mirror)

donato dozzy live @ labyrinth 2008, part 2
(direct dl)
(sendspace mirror)

donato dozzy live @ labyrinth 2008, part 3 (direct dl)
(sendspace mirror)

again, thanks to the organisers of labyrinth for putting on a great event. and i would like to offer my sincere gratitude to donato for recording his set and making it available to all of us. beyond being a truly special DJ, what really struck me about donato is what a wonderful person he is. thanks donato.


  1. waking up to this = very very nice.
    huge thanks.

  2. This set is fricken wicked. Really enjoying it. Thanks.

  3. Very nice ...! Thanks to everyone involved for this..

  4. cheers, great post. cant wait to listen to this.

  5. listening to this mix at work, in front of the pc, i feel like hitting my head to the monitor. Excellent sound, it's a jungle out there!

  6. great post!
    what a surprise of finding this.
    listening right now :)

  7. jeez!
    dont know what to say..
    this is simply massive, think there are no people on the same level as Donato Dozzy, his RA podcast was awesome to, but to hear how he plays live is just fantastic..
    The atmopshere he creates, the deepness, awesome!
    Can imagine that this was great to be with..
    Thanks Donato and thanks mnml ssg, for again a awesome mix!
    Keep up the great work and keep it underground!

  8. OMG!!! Thanks for sharing, Donato...and thanks for the post, Chris. This made my day. AWESOME.

  9. Professor Dozzy,

    Sir..you have done it again. Others have tried and failed again and again but you sir have created another masterpiece.


    Jesus of Nazarus

  10. i needed this today, the day our country holds the most important election of my lifetime. this set helps me suppress my nauseousness and frayed nerves. hope is better than fear and deep techno keeps me eternally warm. thank you very much.

  11. Great set donato. Very nice and deep sounds. Hopefully one day I can put out a great set like yours. Can you help me?

    Richie Hawtin

  12. Thanx Donato, mnml ssgs and everyone involved in this. It reminds me that moment @ Labyrinth.

    Truely the best set I have experienced.

    Great work.


  13. awesome set seriously..

    but you know what question i am going to ask...

    track list? /????

    especially right now the second last track of Part 1 (117-120)- really feeling this right now.. anyone ?

    must have been a great party !

  14. tracklist would be a great idea but the only tracks I can contribute for Part 1 are:

    44-46 DS - Orangefood (Zimmermann mix)
    46-50 Planetary Assault Systems - Surface Noise

  15. and 83 - 87....mmm something off poker flat vol 1

    and 91 - 98 - Pwog - Kind Of Prayer (Michael Mayer Remix)

    cmon more more

  16. Plastikman's Consumed at about 102 min... at which point Chris had lost his 'shit' as it were...:)

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  18. About 13 minutes into the second part you can hear the crowd (and probably in other spots I guess...) Straight from the needles I suppose? Not technically part of the track list I guess :)

  19. @ jeff: umm, yes i think that might be 'consumed'. ... with part 2, donato did some editing on the mix, so my guess is he probably added it in.

    quite a few tracks in there from dozzy, parker, rosella, and also cio i think. but to be honest, part of me doesn't really want to know the tracklisting. what grabbed me when i first experienced this set was few of the records i knew. dozzy has his gems. he can keep 'em...

  20. Chris, I agree with you for the most part on the tracklist thing, but it drives me around the bend when you hear a track you know.. and .. you.. can't place it!! Going through all my Warp and old schoolish stuff trying to place the one at about 19 minute mark of part 3. should be obvious to me.. doh!

    Anyhow, thanks again!

  21. Just flicked through part 2....only one I can id is 10-18 Emmanuel Top - Reflex (at least, I think it's Reflex...it's definitely on Asteroid and takes up an entire side of vinyl)

  22. ....and straight after that is Planetary Assault Systems - 12.....

  23. boy...do i ever feel back home in detroit listening to this...

    probably one of the best sets i've ever heard, not joking. just...mind blowing. i'm dumbfounded as to how good this is.

  24. A great dj and a great set. Thanks for posting this guys.

    A few additions for the trainspotters out there...

    Pt. 1 The 4th track is Even Tuell - Untitled followed by Shed - That Beats Everything!, and apart from Plastikman's Consumed towards the end that's it...

    Pt. 2 Isomer Transition - Dark Star, Emmanuel Top - Generation (the acid one with the crowd noise during the breakdown), Planetary Assault Systems - Twelve, lots of shit I don't know, Ø - Lasi (the one with the simple repeating acid riff and background atmospherics), Tobias - Balance, Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars (Speedy J Remix), after the repeating vocal sample is Heiko Laux - Re-televised, Planetary Assault Systems - I Am The Funkster

    Pt. 3 The first track is Tadeo - Io and the last one (after the break, although maybe it wasn't part of his set?) is Future Sound Of London's Cascade (Parts 1 and 2 at least... )

  25. Generation! That's the one. Couldn't check as I only have it on vinyl......

  26. This set is by far and away the greatest set I have heard in my life.

    Music for trippy mountains and trippy people.

    It was my pleasure and honor to be there on the dance floor for every minute of the set, and to be on stage with Donato during those closing tracks.

    I'll never forget the emotional reaction this set's ending elicited among myself, Donato, the artists, the crowd, the staff, my wife, and my friends.

  27. yeah, techno, house whatever the name is, he kicks ass, my little contribution for the track list is

    Part 2 min 52 No Smoke - Koro Koro

    Absolute classic, I was pleasantly surprised by this track

  28. Superb set - I have not yet listen to all of it.

    Anyone knows what's the track in part 1 @ 21mins (after the Shed track I think) ?

  29. Thanks so much for posting this..

    If labyrinth happens again next year I am going to make every effort to go along.

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  31. obvious one but in part one around 21 minutes:

    JC Freaks - The Rock

    great mix so far, loving it!

  32. wow thanks so much, just into the third track, i recognise any i will write em up here.. maybe..

    chris i fully agree with you :D xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxoxooxoxox

    please keep writing this blog...


  33. the acid track near the beginning of part 2 really is the business. (identified as emmanuel top up thread i believe).

    i was there but was a bit too gazonked to fully appreciate dozzy's set at the time unfortunately. thanks to the organisers for putting on a great festival (under difficult circumstances).

  34. Actually, yeah, tracklistings...

    Standing by the dj booth and leaning over his shoulder all night or, ceaselessly dissecting the set over the internet in an attempt to win bragging points... bad bad!

    Having a vain stab at it with some mates... part of the fun I reckon!

    The one that was bugging me before hit me at work today... One of the parts of FSOL - Cascade at 19 min part 3...

  35. Oh... sorry, someone had already spotted Cascade m(__)m

  36. 27mins and 120 approx on part 2 are mindmelt tracks... wowo

  37. awesome set!! many thanks

    last track of part 2: Josh Wink -Swirl :)

  38. what is the track in the first set at 20minutes with the female vocal talking about her fortress?

  39. i am totally tripping out on the track around min 102 of part two, it's also in the first video clip

    good stuff

  40. i am pretty sure i remember mike parker telling me that the serious acid track that is mixed in straight after 'consumed' is his new record.


    everything else is details*

  42. Chris, thanks again for the post. It was truly a pleasure to hear. Now, how about getting a recording of Mike Parker's set? If anyone can do it, it's you!

  43. @ benjamin: sorry, checked and unfortunately parker's set was not recorded... and he told me his track (directly after 'consumed') is called 'protolanguage'. currently a demo, but vinyl release planned.

  44. @ Sherman

    that track is JC Freaks - The Rock

  45. (er by which i mean thank you very much for sharing this! it's incredible...)

  46. thanks guys for cont. to set the benchmark.

  47. anyone know what the track is playing at 16min mark on part 2. I thought it was flow coma by 808 state but got it wrong and now its bugging me! anyway, grazie mille donato e salsici!

  48. first of all, thanks for this great set. i've yet to listen to parts 2 and 3 but part sounds amazing so far. good to see the videos as well to get a feel of the setting.

    so anyone know the track that starts at 11 minutes of part 1? the tune with the music is hypnotizing vocal.

  49. Ever since the initial write-up of labyrinth here, I've been waiting for just this. Woot!

    much respect

    This vid is fun:

  50. still not convinced, should i really download this ?

  51. For the sake of filling in the tracklisting, 5-9 minutes into part 2 is Smear - Transect(Patrick Walker Remix).

    Great set!

  52. Simply the best set of the year. No comparaison with what we can find here and there.
    We can recognize his own records (liquid; or the last "real love" on wagon repair, just after syncom data).
    If someone have an idea of the sound on part 2 at 62 min, i would be very pleased...Anyway, its rare to don't want to know everything on a set. Dozzy rhymes with mystery...

  53. Great set, no really! That last track...I think I own it. Is it Ken Ishi?

  54. Thank you for posting such a great mix. For me, the second part is the best piece of electronic music I have got my hands on so far. Hypnotic, deep, driving, minimalistic yet so astonishingly varied. I have listened to it twice in a row now, drinking two cans of coffee to stay fully awake, and only the remote chance of a third time spoiling it keeps me from playing it again. Only: if that's true techno, what else is?!? I would have paid my last money to be there.

  55. Random comment but... I thought Japan was the only place that had canned coffee?? and if you're in Japan, why the hell weren't you at Labyrinth?? Clarification please! :)

  56. Can = thin metal coffee pot that shuts tight and keeps coffee warm for hours... At least that's what mom always called hers. Or maybe Germany has corrupted my English? No idea... Anyways, I was in Europe and - shame on me - had not even heard of Labyrinth before I stumbled across the mix.

    Anyways: *love* that comment dude ;-) - absence from major Techno events requires proper justification, particularly if such absence can be questioned on the grounds of publicly available information. That's the spirit, keep it up!

    Google Nescafe Xpress though, showing images only. ;-)

  57. Gotcha... I thought maybe Tommy Lee Jones was bringing the Coffee Boss to other parts of the world...

    As far as I know, Ben Annand's set is the only other one floating around from Labyrinth. You, or anyone else, may be interested for yet another perspective...

    would've loved to have Scion's set recorded and available myself, but I suppose some things are better left in the moment...

  58. Grazie Donà ... fomento a livelli cosmici, ascoltiamo e riascoltiamo..aiuten

  59. The Emanuel Top track is DEFINATELY from Asteroid, in fact - I'm 99.9 % sure the track itself it also called asteroid because I digitised it to MP3 last week and double checked the titles :)The other side is called Industriel.

    If you dig that sucker - look out for this one by the same artist - I think it's a better example of that style (not that asteroid isn't one of my all time favourite albums) :


    He was always very similar to Plastikman ,but did it so well he had to be excused....and then loved !
    Nice also to hear that FSG track being dropped - it's travelled further than I have ;)

  60. I met Donato at The Labyrinth 2007. He played a very sharp set and was a truly nice fella. This 2008 set is heads off to a whole other level though. I really wish I could have been there to see it.

  61. Had this sitting around on my computer for ages, but after hearing the Cio D'Or set you posted, I had to find more in the same style and Dozzy was a name that kept cropping up... I've got through the first two hours so far, absolutely amazing. So deep and smooth. Incredible. Thanks for sharing - it's a nice thought that there's another two hours (and then his RA Podcast) to go!

    Labyrinth sounds amazing, must try to make it over there soon.

  62. part1
    Ben Klock - Similar Colors
    starting 58'

  63. I can't say enough good about this mix. It's really incredible.

  64. I LOVE THIS MIX !!!

  65. Thanks for this. It inspired us to book Donato.


  66. part 3 around min 13-14: Air Liquide - The Increased Difficulty of Concentraion

  67. A little late... Aural Float - South of the Clouds pt.2 (at minute 37). I love this guy!

  68. Hello, am wondering about Part 2 at around 51:50. Very old vintage house track with repeating tribal chants. Have been searching for this for over 12 years. I have no idea what this is.

    Please! someone???

  69. Man 12 years, and you cant take 5 mins to search trough previous comments, someone posted the id for that track almost a year ago!

  70. Part 1 23-28 min:

    Rene Breitbarth - Cooling The Plasma :)

    A belated lover of the set,my God such class sounds...

  71. Thought I would try and compile the tracklist by now. Took WAY longer than I thought it would lol. Added a few I knew to the ones mentioned above:

    (Tracks in double brackets are unconfirmed by myself, others are 100% correct)

    Part 1
    [0:00-3:36] Son.sine - Mudita
    [3:37-6:38] ID
    [6:39-11:09] ID
    [11:10-13:24] Even Tuell - Untitled B1 [Workshop 004]
    [13:25-18:10] Shed - That Beats Everything!
    [18:11-23:45] JC Freaks - The Rock
    [23:46-28:12] Rene Breitbarth - Cooling The Plasma
    [28:13-32:15] ID
    [32:16-36:47] ID
    [36:48-39:57] ID
    [39:58-42:05] ID
    [42:06-43:39] ID
    [43:40-45:41] DS - Orangefood (Zimmerman Mix)
    [45:42-49:27] Planetary Assault Systems - Surface Noise
    [49:28-55:46] ID
    [55:47-59:40] Hiroaki Iizuka - Haze
    [59:41-1:04:36] Ben Klock - Similarity
    [1:04:37-1:07:54] ID
    [1:07:55-1:14:05] ID
    [1:14:06-1:16:54] ID
    [1:16:55-1:22:49] Micronism - Constructing Space
    [1:22:50-1:27:05] [[Something on 'Poker Flat Vol. 1]]
    [1:27:06-1:31:31] ID
    [1:31:32-1:37:12] [[Pwog - Kind Of Prayer (M. Mayer Mix)]]
    [1:37:13-1:41:26] ID
    [1:41:27-1:47:09] Plastikman - Consumed
    [1:47:10-1:51:33] Mike Parker - Protolanguage?
    [1:52:34-1:54:55] Heiko Laux - Hangin'
    [1:54:56-1:59:55] ID
    [1:59:55-Continues into Part 2] ID

    Part 2
    [0:00-0:58] ID
    [0:59-5:19] Isomer Transition - Dark Star
    [5:20-9:46] Smear - Transect (Patrick Walker's Broadwave Execution Remix)
    [9:47-19:01] Emmanuel Top - Generation
    [19:02-23:19] Planetary Assault Systems - Twelve
    [23:20-24:41] ID
    [24:42-25:52] ID
    [25:53-29:54] Aural Float - South Of The Clouds (Part 2)
    [29:55-37:15] Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi - Liquid
    [37:16-44:28] ID
    [44:29-46:50] ID
    [46:51-51:45] ID
    [51:46-54:45] No Smoke - Koro Koro
    [54:46-58:26] ID
    [58:27-1:05:16] Cio D'Or - Menta
    [1:05:17-1:11:14] ID
    [1:11:15-1:15:14] Ø - Lasi
    [1:15:15-1:17:06] Tobias. - Balance
    [1:17:07-1:24:18] Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars (Speedy J Remix)
    [1:24:19-1:31:37] Giorgio Gigli & Donato Dozzy - Real Love EQ - Italy
    (Repeated vocal transition between - I WANT!!!)
    [1:32:39-1:36:46] Heiko Laux - Re-televised
    [1:36:47-1:38:58] Planetary Assault Systems - I Am The Funkster
    [1:38:59-1:41:36] ID
    [1:41:37-End] ID

    Part 3
    [0:00-3:32] Tadeo - Io
    [3:33-6:46] ID
    [6:47-10:55] ID
    [10:56-16:17] Air Liquid - The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration
    [16:52-End?] The Future Sound Of London - Cascade

    Feel free to add your own.

  72. I NEED to know what the track after Liquid by Dozzy and Lupi is!!!! TELL ME!

  73. Absolutely immense mix. Thanks for the work on the tracklist.

  74. [44:29-46:50]definitly - Curve - Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix)

  75. Part 2 [37:16-44:28] is actually Aural Float - South Of The Clouds (Part 2) not [25:53-29:54]

  76. Last track of the second part is

    Jeff Mills: Expanded part3

    His most beautiful work I think :)

  77. Part 3 - 6:47-10:55] Newworldaquarium - The Twenty

  78. Part 3

    [3:33-6:46] Rising Sun - WORKSHOP005 Track 2

  79. part 2 47min: Rob Alcock-Protocol
    part 2 55min: Mike Parker-Voiceprint Voice Two

  80. PART 1 67MIN:Lory D - Abruct Interruption

  81. part 1 1:22- 1:27 Steve Bug - A Night Like This (Richie Hawtin's A Dub Like This Remix)

  82. Can anyone ID the track @ [42:06-43:39]from part 1??? crazy tune!

  83. Woah! Track that comes in at 26:30 on Part 1 is mental! Snappy snares too, though that might be another track in the mix I guess. If anyone can ID I'd be most grateful!

  84. Part 1 49:28-55:46 what is it, it sounds so familiar.

  85. As ID'd by Kleo: It's Community Recordings - Mountain Nights (Organic Soul Mix)

  86. After cooling the plasma, Pompom 24. Would love an id on the track that follows...


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