Saturday, November 22, 2008

mnml ssgs mx13: rossella

at one stage during donato dozzy's labyrinth set, the last in the ssgs mix series, mike parker leaned across to me and said, 'this track is by an italian DJ, rossella. you definitely should check her out.' well mike is a man whose taste in music i most certainly trust, so i followed his advice and chased up her up. rossella is someone who has been making a name for herself in the italian scene over the last couple of years, and has also started doing some production, including a release this year on tadeo's 'cyclical tracks', entitled 'photographers'. like all the people we approach for this mix series, rossella is someone who is pursuing her own path and developing a unique voice in the scene. here she has provided the ssgs with a quality selection of deep minimal records, with the mix being defined by a carefully controlled tempo and flow throughout. this is definitely one that grows on you...

given that rossella might be a bit less known that some of the other recent contributors to the series, i thought i'd bang together a couple of crappy questions to ask her (apologies, i really didn't have the time to put any thought into coming up with some decent. in the future i may just steal the quetions LWE asks...).

ssgs: tell us about this mix.
: this mix is a summary of some of my personal experiences in almost 10 years as a dj. saying that, obviously it's not exactly what i play actually on the dancefloor...

ssgs: what is the scene like in italy?
rossella: nowadays the scene in italy is very diverse: there's a predominance of "house", but minimal-techno is spreading, especially among the very young people.

ssgs: how do you feel about techno music at the moment? what interests and excites you?
rossella: i feel there's always something interesting to me, but not so surprising.

ssgs: name some major influences on you and your music.
rossella: steve bug's style, sleeparchive's productions, alex under's feeling, tadeo's dj sets, donato dozzy's reflections and, above all, my personal sense of rhythm...

ssgs: what are you working on at the moment?
rossella: producing...

ssgs: anything else you want to share?
rossella: this is the first time i've appeared before a large audience and i'm really excited about it. thank to those who gave me this opportunity...

ok, there you have it. enough talk, on to the mix.

mnml ssgs mx13: rossella

1.Monobox-TRADE(Pantytec mix)-LOG040LP
2.Dima-MOONOLOG- BAR25-09
4.David Labeij-RENTAL-REMOTE 014
5.Todd Bodine-PARTICLES (original)- TRESOR 217
6.Onur Ozer-ENVY-VAKANT 05
7.Jens Zimmermann-C30-IF6
8.Sety-FOGO PURO (bonus beat)-CCS028
9.Dan Berkson-THE HOOLOW-CRM037
14.Kristian/Christian-FLASHES_AFULAB 04
15.Sasha Funke-VANISH (CELINE remix)- AND 010
16.Pantytec-ELASTOFLO (T:Melchior & P.Ford remix)-PERLON 26

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big thanks to rossella for taking the time to put this together. check her myspace for more info. and get ready for what is going to a pretty serious end to 2008 for the ssgs. next week mx14 comes from berghain's marcel fengler, and we've got some other people of equal quality in the pipeline after that. but for now, enjoy the sounds of rossella...


  1. Rossella ROCKS, she has a sophisticated style and she is very dedicated to music.. M.

  2. great set Rossella! defenetely enjoying it!
    Viva Italia!

  3. Rossella is definitely on point. I've heard a few mixes she's done, as well as her production & I'm always stoked when I hear she's got something new. Check it.

  4. i don't know if those questions are bad or the answers. regardless i'm DLing now and very excited to hear the mix especially as i have never heard of Rossella and she has glowing reviews on these comments.

  5. grandeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. great set, the ssgs mix have been the most consistent throughout 08 & with fengler upcoming! ... now you only need dettmann to complete the jigsaw ;)
    cheers guys.

  7. glad people are digging this. i really think rossella has come through with the goods.

    as for dettmann, we havent approached him and at this stage, dont plan to. i think we've given him and ostgut enough love! but dont worry, we've got some goodies coming up.

  8. Wow, this is a really great mix. Deep, tight, very great groove and flow. Actually, as a whole the mix reminds me a little of the first time I heard Pantytec's 'Elastobabe'. There was a real 'WTF?!' moment... and I heard it's the last track (well, the remix). Something dark and even (though this is a dodgy word) psychedelic about it, but still funky, still hitting it on the one.

    Thank you Rossella for this great, thoughtful and beautifully constructed mix. You remind me that I need to practice!

  9. This Rossella mix is fantastic ! Deep, slightly higher BPM than much these days, and fantastic track selection & mixing (the second or third last tracks blows me away).

    Also the Donato Dozzy 4.3 hr set is an absolute fave. I hate the term 'journey set' but we don't hear long sets very often and only with a long set can you get the ebbs & flows and energy ramp ups. An absolute fave.

    Thanks mnml ssgs for the sharing.
    I am sooooo glad I stumbled on to your site.

    Yay ! Keep up the magnificent work (and great reads as well as music).

  10. as for dettmann, we havent approached him and at this stage, dont plan to. i think we've given him and ostgut enough love.

    a spoonful of ostgut keeps the minimal away... (repeat 3x in a julie andrews style vocal)

    lol ;-)

  11. yes this is fantastic. I really like the Barem/Labeij and Berkson tracks...something so comfy about the pads...the Labeij reminds me a bit of Tejada in his groovier moods. Mmmmm. The more I hear the Zimmermann track the more I appreciate it too. You can get lost in that bass...

    Psychedelic...maybe 'heady' is the word? Tracks like 'Kamm' are undeniably skewiff. This mix reminds me of Butane's minitek podcast in that way.

    Thank you Rossella.

  12. *Excellent* mix. The flow and the track selection are fantastic. I particularly love the start and the conclusion of the mix - well, okay, I love the middle too, but the start and the end really communicate that this set has purpose - it totally knows where it's going, every step of the way.

    Great stuff Rossella.

  13. Arte non è solo un'imitazione della realtà della natura, ma in verità uno supplemento metafisico alla realtà della natura, posto a fianco della stessa per la sua conquista.

    Professore Katafreulin III

  14. love the deep tribal-istic-icious sound!

    v. sexy on the dancefloor* thumps up lady!!


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