Monday, November 17, 2008

quality service

hot on the heels of the excellent ssg mix that silent servant was kind enough to do for us, here are two new mixes he has completed which really show the depth and breadth of his musical knowledge (not to mention his artistic skills). no need to say anymore, by now you should associate the name 'silent servant' with quality, and the tracklistings speak for themselves...

la discoteca mix (link expired)

Laura Logic // Brute Fury
Dorothy // Softness
Pig Bag // Sunny Day
A Certain Ratio // Guess Who
Electric Chairs // So Many Ways
Capricorn // I Need Love
Simian Mobile Disco // State of Things
Alexander Robotnik // Intro for Live Performance
Padded Cell // Savage Skulls
Eddy Grant // Time Warp
Hawkeye // Born
Glass Candy // Always Say Yes
Love Fingers // Zoysia
Emperor Machine // Labocatocs (V. Markowski Remix)
Glass Candy // Computer Love
Sexual Harassment // K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Emperor Machine // Labocatocs (Original Mix)
Chaz Jankel // 3,000,000 Synths
Gina X // No Gdm
Mirage // Lady Operator

el baile mix (link expired)

Throbbing Gristle // Camera
Liaisons Dangereuses // Peut Etre ... Pas
Oppenheimer Analysis // Devil's Dancer
Fad Gadget // Love Parasite
Kraftwerk // Robots
Chris & Cosey // Hazey Daze
Fad Gadget // Collapsing New People
TGV // Partie 1
Ultravox // Mr. X
Experimental Products // Golden Hours (Brian Eno)
Cabaret Voltaire // Walls of Jericho
Throbbing Gristle // Distant Dreams part 2
No More // Suicide Commando
N.O.I.A. // Stop Thinking
Absolute Body Control // Automatic I
Christof Glowalla // Erde 80
April Orchestra

will be doing a few more posts in the coming days catching up on all the other sets that have been rocking my world of late. enjoy these ones for now...


  1. "A vinyl mix.."

    Like it, can see this kind of thing popping up more in the future.

    People should make a thing of playing vinyl.

  2. Thanks for the Silient Servent mixes chris, still got his ssgs mix on high rotation. Will check out surgeons and speedy's too.

  3. Bummer...The links don't work anymore. :(

  4. sorry, it is not at all easy for me to re-up the links, but does anyone else want to?

  5. No problem, Chris. I just thought I'd let you know. Thanks.

  6. i'll try and get some new links, so keep an eye on the page and i'll update it if i do get something sorted out.

  7. love this mix. can always count on the ssgs for quality.

  8. Lovely "mutant disco" mix, man's got balls and taste

    found still working links on M. Mendez myspace:

  9. sorry here's the full link:


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