Friday, February 8, 2008

moves and fitz

ok, i've been in a bit of a deep house mood lately. this has largely come about due to a really excellent new set by miss fitz. i don't really know much about her (which reflects blindspots in my knowledge more than anything else), but i plan to start finding out more. she appears to be in tune with the wave of really excellent deep house, which is gracing our ears of late. anyway, not too much point talking about it, just listen to this set and you'll hear what i mean. thanks to john clees at for making this set available. you can download it here or here. and this is a partial tracklisting the peeps at have put together:

000 Unknown - RAL1002
004 Miss Fitz - Menternal
008 DS - Orangefood (Zimmermann rmx)
012 Russ Gabriel - Three Fifty One
016 Trusme - Don't you know
027 Prosumer & Murat - Turn Around (Cassy remix)
032 Rozzo - I wish I was a cat
Aaron carl - Wallshaker (dub mix)
045 Sascha Dive - Deepest America

also, it looks like there are some other miss fitz sets available in the music section of her website. i plan to go and give some of them a listen...

and while on the deep tip, i'd strongly suggest taking some time soon to download some of the many sets move d has kindly made available to us. according to his myspace, he has been having some troubles with the file sharer he is using, so these sets won't be up for long. get on them while you have the chance. if the links go down, though, send me a message and i can repost some of them. you can find a collection of move d's dj sets here and a few livepas here. given how good his productions are, my suggestion would be to start with one of the pas, the liveset he recorded recently at robert johnson is the one i've listened to and enjoyed the most. saying that, the dj sets are also great so get some of them too...

finally, it seems only appropriate that i include a cassy set in this post. this old set of cassy's from somewhere in aalborg 2005 has recently been unearthed. i must admit i wasn't even aware of who cassy was back then, so i missed this when it first appeared. shame on me. anyway, i certainly didn't make that mistake a second time. again, here is a partial tracklisting from the very knowledgable cats:

luke sardello „subtle measures“ sound proof music
minimal man „make a move“ trelik 14
kenny hawkes „dance for me“ mff
dj sneak „love“ 83 west records
shake „good and...easy“ puzzlebox records
wyatt earp & jonas tempel „chronic acidtosis“ casa del soul records
chez damier kms 049
m-core „be gene“ i-fach
tony rodriguez „estilo africa“ brothers vibe
rick wade „i can’t take it“ elevate
dj slip „psi ok kronixxx“ an1malz
dj mouse „invitation ep“ casa delsoul records
dominik eulberg „rotbauchunken“ robag wruhme rmx
hector moralez and chris carrier„real juice ep“ robsoul recordings
dominik eulberg „rotbauchunken“ tobi neumann rmx
lil mark „rock da house“ paranoid music
soul capsule las ramblas trelik13
chez damier „be my“ native rmx prescription
todd terry „the music“ dubmix
„rhumba macumba“ instrumental brothers vibe production
james duncan „’d’jam“ real soon
tyree „soul revival“ dance mania
tyme „use me“ mk remix trans fusion
luomo „class“ force inc

i'll post some more sets when i find some real boat floaters, but enjoy these deep ones in the meantime...

*EDIT* just came across this new monster of a recording from an [a:rpia:r] party in december 2007. i have only listened to the first 90 minutes and so far it is as good as you'd expect. normally i don't post any links here i have listened to multiple times, but i figure there are some peeps out there who'd be interested in this set regardless of whether it has gotten the ssg stamp of approval. anyway, it totally fits with the vibe of this post.

rpr sound (rhadoo, pedro, raresh) @ club session bucharest 29.12.2007
part 1
part 2
part 3

for those who havent had a chance to listen to the new romanian wonderkids, i suggest giving this a download. i must admit all the hype surrounding them made me rather sceptical to begin with (combined with a disappointing effort by raresh on a recent cocoon mix), but having listened to a few of their sets and some of their of productions, it appears the hype may be justified. at the very least, these guys certainly know what they are doing...


  1. Hello, I am a friend of Camerons.

    I just want to say that MISS FITZ ROCKS. I saw her DJ in Tokyo last summer and it was in my best 3 DJ sets of 2007. It was really really deep and funky.

  2. yeah, miss fitz has most definitely got the funk...

    and good news, according to her myspace page, she is returning to japan soon:

    April 08
    Thu 4 TBC Japan
    Fri 5 Studio Colors Tokyo
    Sat 6 TBC Japan

  3. I'm loving miss fitz, raresh and villalobos atm, any chance we will ever seem them in australia, haha?


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