Sunday, February 17, 2008

listen to this mann

one thing i love about this music is how quickly you fall in love with people. and for some reason, it seems to take much longer to fall out of love with a dj or producer once you've found them. after appearing on your radar they generally stay there. i must admit that a year or two ago, i knew the name 'marcel dettmann' but not too much more. these days i must instantly get my hands on anything he touches (the same can also be said about his regular partner in the studio, ben klock, but this post isn't about him). for me, this is techno for the new millennium. i know all the hard tech guys are still around and banging it out, but what has constantly hit me is how stuck they are in their sound. it largely stalled a couple of years ago and as far as i am concerned, hasn't moved forward, at least not sufficiently. this is where dettmann and klock differ. make no mistake about it, if you listen to one of dettmann's sets (like the ones below), this guy's music clearly has balls. but for my mind, there is something more there. he is not just hammering it out. there is real depth there. anyway, this is all a rather longwinded way of saying that some new marcel dettmann dj sets have appeared and i'm happy. the first is a two hour live recording in vienna and is deep, dark and berghain all the way. the other is a guest mix for a radio show along with len faki. based on the way it sounds, i am pretty sure dettmann is the first hour and faki the second. i am not really a fan of the second hour - while the quality of faki's productions are undeniable, i have not yet been convinced by his dj sets. this judgment is based on a few sets i've downloaded so probably isn't a fair one. anyway, make sure you get both of these and keep a close eye on dettmann. this mann is really worth watching in 2008.

marcel dettmann @ houztekk goes crazy, flex 5.2.08
part 1
part 2

marcel dettmann & len faki @ houztekk radio show 1.2.08

(both of these sets can also be found streaming in the archives of

a few more treats

the annual club transmediale festival in berlin has recently come to an end. one can only hope that the performance by allstar trio moritz von oswald (basic channel), max loderbauer (nsi.) and sasu ripatti (aka vladislav delay/luomo) was recorded. even if their performance didn't quite equal the sum of their parts, as philip sherburne tells us, i'd be very, very keen to hear how it turned out. just the idea of those three guys collaborating gives me goosebumps. anyway, this inspired me to upload two very nice recordings from last year's festival, which were broadcast on but largely overlooked. the first is by one of this illustrious trio - sasu ripatti - but this time in a rare outing under his uusitalo guise. the other comes from another producer that is well loved by us ssgs: lawrence. here he performs as sten. enjoy these two:

uusitalo @ club transmediale 2007
sten @ club transmediale 2007

finally, another treat. a rare recording from jan jelinek that has recently emerged. this is from 2001, which is right around when he was in full gear with his oh so lovely farben productions. anyway, i figured there might be a few peeps out there who'd be keen for this (if they haven't come across it already):

jan jelinek @ nightgroove 12.5.01

some exciting news to finish

we have decided to expand mnmlssgs a bit further to include (in the near future) a ssgcast. this is just starting to get organised, but basically we are looking at presenting a more boutique series of special mixes by special people. the point is not simply to host a mix, but to use it as a way of promoting djs and producers we believe are really talented and deserve as much attention and press as they can get. we hope these ssgcasts can act as a medium for spreading the sounds of people that we feel should be listened to. at this stage, we've got two mixes in the pipeline and hopefully more to come. stayed tuned. we are very excited about this.


  1. much thanks for the jelinek recording! certainly a rare treat.

  2. It was because of you (predominantly) that i started getting into Klock and Dettman. Now every release for either one is a must buy, whether i've heard it or not and i am yet to be dissappointed.


  3. I heard Mr von Oswald pulled the plug on the recording of the show at ctm. For a blurry squiz at the performance, check this link:

  4. @ iain: yes, klock + dettmann are definitely worth listening to. so, so fresh. my blog member dave was the one who kindly put me onto them. also, if you haven't checked it, have a look at MDR3 by norman nodge. in a very similar vein.

    and that sucks von oswald pulled the plug. would have loved to hear the results. but fair enough if he didnt want it shared...

    and i've listened to the live dettmann set some more - it is so good. definitely get it if you have nt already...

  5. Maby some one can tell me track list of Marcell Dettmann @houztekk radioshow 2008 02 01. Please...


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