Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lee Jones polishes my bonnet

A very quick heads-up on Lee Jones’ new ‘Aria’ EP on Aus. This is a truly sublime piece of hyperkinetic tech-house that gives the sensation of low-friction, high-speed movement, similar to John Tejada’s ‘Eurotunnel’ from ‘06 or even a highly polished (like a Porsche 911's bonnet) version of Kraftwerk’s Autobahn. A lot of prog heads (go on, you know you were one)and DJs playing this in bigger rooms will prefer the Tigerstripes remix on the flip (which has tougher drums plus more bells, whistles and ornamental FX thrown into the mix) but it’s the aerodynamic elegance of the original cut that throws my heart (and my speakers) a flutter. This one’s getting about six rinses a day at the moment… get on it.

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