Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ssg special - Finn Johannsen

For our first mix of 2012 we are very happy to welcome back a good friend of the ssgs, Finn Johannsen. Some of you might know Finn for the pair of excellent mixes he did for us back in 2010. Some of you might know Finn because of the always interesting Macro label that he runs with Stefan Goldmann. Some of you might know Finn because of his quality journalism for a range of outlets (RA, de:bug and more). Some of you might know Finn because of trips to Hardwax, where he also works. And some of you might simply not know Finn. If that is the case, hopefully the mix he has put together for us will make you want to find out more about one of Berlin's true renaissance men.

The idea for this mix came from a visit to Hardwax last year. Finn was forcing records into my arms kindly making a few suggestions and we got talking about our mutual love of electro music. And then we worked out that Finn had never done an out and out electro mix, and mnml ssgs had never hosted one either. So it was time to change all of that. Finn has selected 90 minutes of red hot electro to share with you all, creating a mix that beautifully displays the timeless charm and energy of this genre. Not much more to say about it really, this is electro pure and simple baby. Enjoy!

Ssg special - Finn Johannsen electro mix

For all things Finn, check his homepage and follow his twitter. For upcoming DJ gigs there is his RA page. As always, we'll post the tracklist next week. Big thanks to Finn for this treat.


  1. What he does with the last track is amazing.

  2. brilliant! everything he touches is gold!

  3. great mix! so nice to hear some funky business here on mnmlssgs :)
    waiting for tracklist and another mix youve got lined up for us :)

  4. Thank you so much.Pumpin this mix loud here.
    This is some real electro.Mad Props.

  5. Niiiice mix!!

    something quite different but also a great mix you might like:

  6. what an amazing treat. loving every second of it. thx!!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wicked mix! Lots of stuff there that flew under my radar. That Edo8 track never fails.
    nice one.


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