Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finn Johannsen tracklist

Glad everyone has been enjoying Finn's mix. The lesson I have taken from this is that we need some more electro mixes on ssgs. This is something we will have to work on... In the meantime, here is the tracklist:

Ssg special - Finn Johannsen electro mix

Erotek - Computer-Aided Poetic Funk (Afrosyntrix)
Urban Tribe – RNA World (Rephlex)
Spesimen – Angels In My Room (Pomelo)
Erotek – Safe Mode (Afrosyntrix)
DJ Godfather & Starski – Jits (D.E.T. Only)
B. Calloway – No Techno Like Mine (Electrofunk)
Fix – Shaftism (Electrofunk)
Urban Tribe – Her (Trust)
Hardfloor – The Life We Choose (E.R.P. Remix) (Hardfloor)
Bounce – Drop The Ball (Electrofunk)
Mr. De’ - By The Pound (Electrofunk)
DJ Godfather – First Contact (Breakdown Mix) (Twilight 76)
E8 – Micropacer 1 (Marguerita)
Nuel – Untitled (Aquaplano)
Stingray313 – Who’s Watching The Watchers
Clatterbox – Genetic Code (Frustrated Funk)
Aaron-Carl – Backslash (Afrosyntrix)
DJ Assault – U Can’t See Me (Mo Wax)
Erotek – (Afrosyntrix)
DJ Godfather & Starski – Another Freaks (D.E.T. Only)
Mr. De’ – Bass (Electrofunk)
DJ Godfather – Backwerdz (Twilight 76)
Erotek – DOS Foot (Afrosyntrix)
Jodey Kendrick – Untitled (Rephlex)
DJ Godfather & Starski – Moments (D.E.T. Only)
Art Of Noise – Moments In Love (ZTT)

And if you are in the mood for more electro, I would thoroughly recommend you pick up the excellent first part of the Drexciya reissue series on Clone. Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller is electro music at its very finest.

Thanks again to Finn for putting this together. Our next ssg mix will be up in a few days.

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