Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ssg Special: High-Rise Living 78-86 [Part 1] - compiled by The Black Dog & Regis

No introductions necessary for this one, it speaks for itself. Thanks to the Black Dog, Regis and the people who gave us these sounds.

'Historically, music only really gets interesting when the British get involved and this was a very British musical revolution.'

1. Depeche Mode - Oberkorn
2. Xerox Girls - Erase Me
3. Human League - The Dignity Of Labour: Part 1
4. Soft Cell - Metro Mr. X
5. Naked Lunch - Slipping Again
6. Robert Rental & Thomas Leer - Day Breaks, Night Heals
7. Clock Dva - 4 Hours
8. Blancmange - Running Thin
9. Patrik Fitzgerald - One Little Soldier
10. They Must Be Russians - Nagasaki's Children
11. Chris & Cosey - Walking Through Heaven
12. Hula - Poison
13. Portion Control - Havoc Man
14. New Order - Temptation Of Evil Dust
15. Nitzer Ebb  - Warsaw Ghetto
16. Final Program - Protect & Survive
17. The The - Cold Spell Ahead
18. Cabaret Voltaire - Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
19. Vice Versa - Stilyagi
20. Duet Emmo - Heart Of Hearts (Or So It Seems)

More info: The Black Dog / Downwards


  1. What? No Joy Division?

    O well, looks excellent anyhow :P (Yes, I am aware of the New Order/Joy Division connection, thank you very much)

  2. Music ONLY gets interesting when the British get involved?! Yeah cause the world really needed Happy Hardcore, 'Ardcore, the Spice GIrls and Drum n Bass. I mean who needs gospel, blues, r n b, soul, disco, house, techno, hip hop.....I think you're thinking of the United States as where all the interesting music comes from. =P

  3. But still love the sound of this mix...even if most of what these acts were doing came from the whole No Wave thing in NYC anyway! Still great bands in there own right and loving what Downwards and the such have been doing with that ethos ever since.

  4. very good thanks and i'm happy because is just the part 1,i hope give again part 2 and 3 ?!?!?!

    the latest mixs is delicious blackest ever black,sandwell district....taste good

  5. Great selection - some real obscurities in there :)

    @ Jon — actually there was no real crossover between No Wave and British synth music. Hardly anyone over here had even heard of people like Suicide and DNA back then.

  6. @ fatty ghettoblaster - made me laugh. did you see parkhill lately? "high-rise living's not so bad." though these days it's less "blind youth take hope" than swanky flats take over.

  7. soon as i saw the mix title and photograph i was expecting the vice versa track to be "new girls neutrons" ("tower blocks, hypodermics; on drugs, melting plastic") but "stilyagi" is a stroke of total genius i never heard before: "bring yourrr fforeign radiohh..." i looked up the meaning of the word (stilyagi) and it took me to whole new places - very avant-sheffield on the cusp of the 80's: sick of fargate and the moor, get dressed up and look to russia! had i known of this track a couple of years back when i spotted steve singleton on division st in a black hat and coat i might have leered at him with my best mark white/vice versa: "we want to meet yoouuu..."

    thanks karl and the black dogs.

    re. chris and cosey - r.i.p. sleazy. damn.

    love and gristle


  8. Such a fantastic mix, on repeat since I downloaded! Looking forward to part 2...

  9. if you're from Sheffield then this is just the local classics ... used to hear all of this everywhere - what I want to know is who the fuck are Xerox Girls ? Is it a special black dog project ?

    So fucking great to finally hear someone else play HULA too - I think you have to be from Sheffield to even know who they were - their live shows were ace...

    All the Sheffield bands used to have the best visuals - you can't even imagine it - super 8, 16mm, slides, serious visual mash ups - def made the music better and not seen anything like it in eons

    and f**k you Jon - no they did not come from the No Wave NYC thing ... Sheffield had it's own thing - that's what made it special - if you lived in Sheffield you listened to your own bands - Cabs, Hula, Human League, Clock DVA, They Must Be Russians, Vice Versa had their own style and we loved them

    People don't love their hometown bands like we used to...

    fantastic mix - brings back great memories - buying ballard and burroughs at rare & racy, dancing at the leadmill, monday nights at the limit...

    oh and I had a girlfriend who lives in Park flats...

  10. sheffield vs downwards via ealing

  11. What an awesome mix. Didn't know a lot of these tracks and bands. Great to discover music from an era before I was twelve years old (and at that age began to listen to underground radio, but they played soul and Italo, not this;-). Thanks again to our long time Techno heroes for putting up such a great collection. Looking forward to number two...

  12. @Backspin Promotions:
    "So fucking great to finally hear someone else play HULA too - I think you have to be from Sheffield to even know who they were"

    hahahaha, I'm from LA and own half the records in this mix, including the Hula and also the Vice Versa, have both the "Stilyagi" 7" as well as the "Music 4" EP, find anyone else in the States that has those two! Believe it or not there were hip people in other places besides Sheffield back then, Martin's my spiritual brother ;)

  13. The song befor 'Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto' is it really 'New Order - Temptation Of Evil Dust' ? I looked for it everywhere, and can't find it.

    Does anyone know who the artist is and songtitle?

    Thanks in advance,



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