Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ancient methods tracklist

as promised, here is the tracklist from the immense ancient methods ssg special mix. very impressive selection that combines an impressive cross selection of artists and sounds. respect.

ssg special: ancient methods - handmade blend mix

    •    Cloaks – Desolate Turves 1st (3by3)
    •    Keith Fullerton Whitman – Bewusstseinserweiternd Tonaufnahme (Kranky Ltd.)
    •    Tropic of Cancer (Richard H. Kirk remix) (Downwards)
    •    Traversable Wormhole Vol. 1
    •    Claude Young  - I am nothing (Djax Up)
    •    Renato Cohen – Power (Sino) / The Caretaker – Poor Enunciation (History always favours the winner)
    •    Lance Samuel – The Hold (Resounds)
    •    Audio Injection – Operation (Speedy J remix) (Electric Deluxe) / Aphex Twin – Tassels (Warp)
    •    Friend & Friend – Origin (Dinner)
    •    Morbeck – Untitled (Vault Series) / Bad Sector – Spontaneous Reduction (Tantric Harmonies)
    •    Jeroen Liebgrets – Donau ( Audio Assault) / Monolake – Force (ml/i)
    •    Andreas Kremer vs. Grimes – Untitled (Mind your head) / Death in June & Boyd Rice – Are you out there? (Dornier 17 mix) (New European Recordings)
    •    Casual Violence – Machine we are (Aftertaste Ltd.)
    •    Mika Vainio – Barbarians (Raster Noton) / Deathprod – Treetop Drive Pt. 3 (Rune Grammofon)
    •    Björn Svin – Eat like hawks (RSB)
    •    Christian Vogel – Sarcastically Tempered Powers (Tresor)
    •    Wishmountain – Radio (Evolution) / Gustaf Hildebrand – Ruins of a failed Utopia (Cyclic Law)
    •    Speedy J – Armstrong (CLR) / Ophir – Bleibt der Erde true pt. II (Greyland)
    •    Supagrupa – San Francisco (Infecta 02)
    •    Regis – Speak to me (Downwards) / IRM – Oedipus Dethroned (Cold Meat Industry)
    •    DJ Slip – Broken Cake (Missile)
    •    Abe Duque – Chocolate Delight (Radical Ambient) / Biosphere – City Wakes up (Touch)
    •    Go Hiyama – Servant (Zwart) / Oren Ambarchi – A final kiss on poisoned cheeks pt. I (Table of the elements)
    •    The Modernist – Dali Bop Horizon (Auftrieb Mix)
    •    Tektrax – One way st. (Subvert 01)
    •    Makaton – Animal Worship (Rodz-Konez)
    •    DKF – Lärmpegel Minimum (Steinklang Industries)
    •    Amon Tobin – Rhino Jockey (Ninja Tune) / Jeff Mills – Cycle 2 (Axis)
    •    Oren Ambarchi – A final kiss on poisoned cheeks pt. II (Table of the elements)

more heat soon. we plan to finish off 2010 in style...


  1. The 9th track "Origin" is by Fiend & Friend.

    What a great mix this is, the harshness of the techno moderated by the more abstract sounds floating on top. There are lots of brilliant pairings here.

    The Keith Fullerton Whitman album Schöner Flußengel is a great listen. The track used in this mix is a good indication of what it sounds like, old school scifi sounds recontextualized into modern sounding music.

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  3. The Claude Young track is "Concentration Factor" and not "I Am Nothing" isn't it?

    Great mix i have to admit.

  4. This mix is superb, between this, the fifth method and the live set that was posted elsewhere it's a good time to be into Ancient Methods.

  5. Awesome mix.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm listening to 8.5 mins from the end?

  6. Really great mix. Loving the Christian Vogel – Sarcastically Tempered Powers.


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