Wednesday, January 28, 2009

we call it techno

i just finished watching this documentary and wanted to call it to people's attention. i was really, really impressed by it. it's a documentary focusing on the emergence of techno music and culture in germany, primarily centred on the late 80s - early 90s. it is a very informative, thought provoking and even handed piece. what i liked most about it is that it is not about mythmaking. the account it gives is careful and considered, and definitely shows some of the darker side of things. really fascinating and worthwhile. it is great to see stuff like this coming out. much, much respect to those behind. i strongly suggest tracking it down. here's the trailer for it (this is in german but it comes with english subs):

lets hope we see more things like this in the future. you can find more info about it here


  1. Chris,

    I actually bought this a week ago from Juno and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I'm glad you liked it; I was a little apprehensive considering the German only trailer.


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  3. Wait until you see Speaking in Code! You'll love it:

    Speaking in Code

  4. lucky for me I speak german eh! he he...
    thanks for the info!

  5. as i said, no subs in the trailer, but the dvd does have english subs. i cant speak german, that's for sure.

    you can get it here:

  6. this remembers me of this documentary i saw on German TV many years ago:

    It's a piece taken out of the german Techno-Documentation "Lost in music". This part is about the DJ Sven Väth and his work in the year 1992......


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