Monday, January 5, 2009

lst, lst, lst [SSGs' EoY lsts]

And here, finally, in all their listing glory, are our lists.

Readers, please feel free to paste yours in the comments section. Maybe we could include something about 'under the radar' records and sounds, or things that most of us might have missed.

And thank you all, once again, for your incredibly kind words in the last post. We feel privileged to be holding a conversation with so much mutual respect. Thank you all.

Chris' lists:


1 Move D/Benjamin Brunn – Songs from the Beehive (Smallville)
2 Ø – Oleva (Sähkö Recordings)
3 Bvdub – Return to Tonglu (Quietus)
4 Shed – Shedding the Past (Ostgut)
5 Kangding Ray – Automne Fold (Raster Noton)


1 Donnacha Costello – Trust (Minimise)
2 Melchior Productions Ltd – Who Can Find Me (Cadenza)
3 tobias. – I Can't Fight The Feeling (Wagon Repair)
4 Mathew Jonson – Symphony For The Apocalypse (Wagon Repair)
5 Newworldaquarium – The Force (NWAQ)
6 Portable – Release (Perlon)
7 Dettmann / Klock – Scenario* (Ostgut)
8 Shed – That Beats Everything! (Ostgut)
9 Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Mothercorn (Smallville)
10 Steinhoff & Hammouda – Tonight Will Be Fine (Smallville)
11 Function – Burn (Sandwell District)
12 Marcel Dettmann – Plain (Beatstreet)
13 Radio Slave – K-Maze (Rekids)
14 Alex Cortex – Nox (Platzhirsch Schallplatten)
15 Robert Hood – And Then We Planned Our Escape* (Music Man)


1 Donato Dozzy
2 Marcel Dettmann
3 Cio D'or
4 Peter Van Hoesen
5 Silent Servant


1 Vladislav Delay – Recovery Idea [Andy Stott Remix] (Semantica)
2 Ricardo Villalobos – Minimoonstar [Shackleton Remix] (Perlon)
3 Grimes Adhesif – Fearless Fun [Efdemin's Confused Live Jam] (Petite)
4 Tampopo – Helicopters Got Cameras [Tobias. Remix] (Metisse)
5 Sascha Funke – Mango [Tobias Thomas & Superpitcher's Como Mango Version] (Bpitch)
6 Prosumer & Murat Tepeli Feat. Elif Biçer – Turn Around [Cassysmoothmix] (Ostgut Ton)
7 Aaron Carl – Crucified [Rod Modell Like A River Remix] (Millions of Moments)
8 Luke Hess – Believe & Receive [Shedsdeepanddubbydub Remix] (Kontra-Musik)
9 Tadeo – Reflection Nebula 056n [Substance Remix] (Apnea)
10 Radio Slave – Tantakatan [The Drunken Shed Mix] (Rekids)

Pete's lists:


1 Move D/Benjamin Brunn – Songs from the Beehive (Smallville)
2 DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues (Mule)
3 Lee Jones – Electronic Frank (Aus)
4 Shed – Shedding the Past (Ostgut)
5 Ricardo Villalobos – Vasco [CD] (Perlon)
6 Scuba – A Mutual Antipathy (Hotflush)
7 Ezekiel Honig – Pieces of a Broken Marching Band (Anticipate)
8 Matmos – Supreme Balloon (Matador)
9 Kangding Ray – Automne Fold (Raster Noton)
10 Jacaszek – Treny (Miasmah)
11 Kelley Polar – I Need You to Hold On While the Sky is Falling (Environ)
12 Paavoharju – Laulu Laakson Kukista (Fonal)
13 Ø – Oleva (Sähkö Recordings)
14 CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti – Coh Plays Cosey (Raster Noton)
15 The Mole – As High as the Sky (Wagon Repair)
16 Peter Broderick – Float (Type)
17 Leila – Blood Looms and Blooms (Warp)
18 Luke Solomon – The Difference Engine (Rekids)
19 Newworldaquarium – The Dead Bears (Delsin)
20 Tim Hecker & Aidan Baker – Fantasma Parastasie (Alien8)

Tracks (EPs):

1 Appleblim/Peverelist – Soundboy's Ashes Get Hacked Up And Spat Out In Disgust (Skull Disco)
2 Ricardo Villalobos – Vasco EP Pt I (Perlon)
3 Shackleton – Soundboy's Suicide Note (Skull Disco)
4 Four Tet – Ringer (Domino)
5 Omar S – Psychotic Photosynthesis (FXHE)
6 John Roberts – Hesitate (Dial)
7 Sascha Funke – Mango Remixes (Bpitch Control)
8 Lee Jones – Soon EP (Aus)
9 Scuba – Mutual Antipathy Remixes [Surgeon/Substance remixes] (Hotflush)
10 Shackleton – Death is Not Final (Skull Disco)
11 Donnacha Costello – It Simply Is (Minimise)
12 Portable – Knowone Can Take Away (Perlon)
13 Luke Hess – Believe and Receive (Kontra-Musik)
14 Various (Move D, Even Tuell, Sasha Dive) – Workshop 04 (Workshop)
15 Ben Klock – October (Bpitch Control)
16 STL – Invisibility (Something)
17 Sven Wiesemann – Cabana Fever (Mojuba)
18 PaulBrtschitsch & cio d'or – Aroma (Broque)
19 Lerosa – Killester (A Touch of Class)
20 Onmutu Mechanicks – Blossom/Hypophysica (Echocord Colour)

... special track which on reflection might even be number one?

DJ Koze - Zou Zou (Kompakt)


1. Donato Dozzy
2. Cio D'Or
3. Prosumer
4. Jan Krueger
5. Marcel Dettmann


1 Ricardo Villalobos – Minimoonstar [Shackleton] (Perlon)
2 Sascha Funke – Mango [DJ Koze] (BPitch Control)
3 Luke Hess – Believe and Receive [Shed] (Konra Musik)
4 Ramadanman – Humber [Sven Wiesemann] (Applepips)
5 Sebbo – Watamu Beach [Moritz Von Oswald] (Desolat)
6 Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts – They Only Come Out at Night [Horror Inc.] Musiquee Risquee
7 Sascha Funke – Mango [Supermayer] (BPitch Control)
8 Scuba – Hard Boiled [SCB] (Hotflush)
9 Scuba – Ruptured [Surgeon] (Hotflush)
10 Pete Namlook – Subatomic Atoms [Pepe Bradock] (Macro)

Cam's lists:


1 Move D/Benjamin Brunn – Songs From The Beehive (Smallville)
2 DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Blues (Mule)
3 Shed – Shedding The Past (Ostgut)
4 Ezekiel Honig – Pieces of a Broken Marching Band (Anticipate)
5 Machinefabriek – Dauw (Dekorder)
6 Kangding Ray – Automne Fold (Raster-Noton)
7 Jacaszek – Treny (Miasmah)
8 Max Richter – 24 Postcards In Full Colour (130701)
9 Aidan Baker/Tim Hecker – Fantasma Parastasie (Alien8 Recordings)
10 Ø – Oleva (Sähkö Recordings)
11 Byetone - Death Of A Typographer (Raster-Noton)
12 Scuba – A Mutual Antipathy (Hotflush)
13 Lee Jones – Electronic Frank (Aus)
14 The Mole – As High As The Sky (Wagon Repair)
15 Peter Broderick – Float (Type)
16 Johann Johannsson – Fordlandia (4AD)
17 Philip Jeck – Sand (Touch)
18 Alva Noto – Unitxt (Raster-Noton)
19 Richard Skelton – Marking Time (Preservation)
20 Arve Henriksen – Cartography (ECM)


1 Ricardo Villalobos – Minimoonstar (Perlon)
2 Shackleton – The Rope Tightens (Skull Disco)
3 Appleblim/Peverelist – Over Here (Skull Disco)
4 Move D – Drøne (Modern Love)
5 Move D/Benjamin Brunn – New Horizon (Smallville)
6 Byetone – Plastic Star (Raster-Noton)
7 Donnacha Costello – Trust (Minimise)
8 Donnacha Costello – It Simply Is (Minimise)
9 Shackleton – Death Is Not Final (Skull Disco)
10 Move D/Benjamin Brunn – Honey (Smallville)
11 Machinefabriek – Onkruid (A Room Forever)
12 DJ Koze – Zou Zou (Kompakt)
13 Marcel Dettmann – Plain (Beatstreet)
14 Claro Intelecto – Rise (Modern Love)
15 Move D – Lush Summer Rain (Shanti Records)
16 Four Tet – Swimmer (Domino)
17 Arne Weinberg – Hypophysica (Echocord Colour)
18 Lee Jones – Aria (Aus)

Oh my god that took so long to re-format those! I have carpal tunnel.... okay, enjoy, let's discuss!


  1. Great lists. I am in agreement with you all in general.

    Cameron (I think) mentioned the original mix of Plastic Star, but I think the two remixes by Sleeparchive and Alva Noto deserves to be mentioned too.






    Probably more so for me than a lot of other people, as I have not been clubbing since September. And right now, I am dying for some aggressive, sophisticated shit like this.

    What about

    Gonno - I Don't Need Competition (Donnacha Costello Remix)

    Came out towards the end of the year, but I think I actually like it almost as much as I love Trust.

    Also... Not to be anal or anything, but I think this is from 2007. (Is that why there is a * at the end?)

    7 Dettmann / Klock – Scenario* (Ostgut)

    I say this because I actually *just* looked it up last week or so when I was trying to figure out my own best of 2008. And was disappointed that it wasn't from 2008.

  2. yep, the * indicates the release is from december 2007. this meant it was left out of best of 2007 lists, which are normally compiled by the start of the month. both the dettmann/klock track and the hood one are bombs and deserve to be acknowledged - definitely 2 of the best i've heard in the last 12 months.

  3. Tracks:

    Larry Heard - 25 Years From Alpha
    John Daly - Atlantis
    NWAQ - Kirana's Lament
    Population One - Radius
    Omar S - Psychotic Photoynthesis (No Drum Mix)
    Theo Parrish - Goin' Downstairs

  4. No love for Anders Ilar- sworn cd? That would definitely make my list. Others:

    Grit - expanse (shoreless)
    Fennesz - black sea (Touch)
    Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (Warp)

  5. for me:

    stephan mathieu - radioland cd (die schacatel)
    bruno pronsato - why can't we be like us 2xlp (hello? repeat)
    idea fire company - the island of taste lp (swill radio)
    tape - luminarium cd (hapna)
    actress - hazyville cd (werk)
    flying lotus - los angeles 2xlp (warp)
    move d & benjamin brunn - songs from the beehive 2xlp (smallville)
    head of wantastiquet - mortange lp (ecstatic yod)
    moodymann - det.riot '67 lp (kdj)

    pangaea - 'you & i' / 'router' (hessle audio)
    ricardo villalobos - 'minimoonstar' (perlon)
    tin man - wasteland 12" (global a)
    dam funk - 'galactic fun' (stones throw)
    theo parrish 'goin' downstairs (parts one and two)' / 'space bumps' (sound signature) / kuniyuki - all these things [theo parrish remix] (mule musiq)
    trg - 'broken heart [martyn's dcm mix]' (hessle audio) / shut up and dance - 'epileptic [martyn's no strobe mix]' (shut up and dance) / flying lotus - 'robertaflack [martyn's heart beat mix]' (warp)
    martyn - 'all i have is memories' (apple pips) / 'vancouver' (3024)
    larry heard - 25 years from alpha 12" (alleviated)
    stl - all productions (something / perlon)
    kyle hall - worx of art 12" (wild oats)
    peverelist - 'infinity is now' / 'junktion' (tectonic) / appleblim - 'vansan [t++ remix]' (skull disco)
    mala - 'new life baby paris' (deep medi)
    move d - 'drone' (modern love)
    lowtec - workshop 06 12" (workshop)
    james kumo - kumomusic vol 1 12" (ann aimee)
    scuba - 'twitch [jamie vex'd remix]' / 'poppies [substance dub mix]' (hotflush)
    xdb - 'espac' (sistrum)
    keith worthy / juju & jordash - subterranean episodes 12" (aesthetic audio)

    looking at my lists, i definitely had a better 2007

  6. ps you forgot to star newworldaquarium - the force. nov 07. :)

  7. nice lists guys. please keep them coming. i'm about to open a start a list of tracks i've missed and need to check out...

    @ andrew: ok, just looked at discogs. i didnt know 'the dead bears' was released earlier on vinyl. i discovered when the CD was released in february 2008, so i think that justifies it. anyway, bomb track! i could listen to it for hours on repeat.

  8. Here's my list of best electronic music of 2008.


    The Mole - As High As The Sky (Wagon Repair)
    Extrawelt - Schone Neue Extrawelt (Cocoon)
    Minilogue - Animals (Cocoon)
    Los Updates - First If You Please (Cadenza)
    Noze - Songs on the Rocks (Get Physical)
    Scuba - A Mutual Antipathy
    Daedalus - Love To Make Music To (Ninja Tune)
    The Bug - London Zoo (Ninja Tune)
    Guy J - Esperanza (Bedrock)


    Grand Cru 2008 (Connaisseur)
    Prins Thomas - The Greatest Tits Vol. 1
    5 Golden Years in the Wilderness (Buzzin' Fly)
    Traum 100 (Traum)
    Carl Craig - Sessions (K7)
    You Don't Know - Ninja Cuts (Ninja Tune)
    Soundboy's Ashes Get Buried and Desecrated By Vandals (Skull Disco)

    Singles, Album Tracks, EPs

    What got crammed into my two-hour Best of 2008 show:

    Byetone - Plastic Star (Sleeparchive mix) (Raster-Noton)
    The Mole - Alice You Need Him (Wagon Repair)
    Jay Haze/Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'une Autre Ete: L'apres Midi (Reconstruction)
    Deadbeat - Mecca (Wagon Repair)
    Extrawelt - Added Planet (Cocoon)
    Mathew Jonson and Adam Beyer - Big Dipper (Wagon Repair)
    Scuba - From Within (Marcel Dettmann mix)
    Radioslave - Tantakatan (Rekids)
    Charlie May - Midnight (Global Underground)
    Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia mix) (Audiomatique)
    Gadi Mizrahi - I Know
    Francisco Tristano - The Melody (C2 remix) (Infine)
    Minilogue - In a Distance (Cocoon)
    Lee Jones - MDMAmazing (Aus)
    Fergie - Anon (Excentric)
    Gabriel Ananda - Lila Pause (Traum)
    Stimming - Una Pena (Argy's Night of the Deep Tech mix)
    Junior Boys - No Kinda Man (Chloe remix) (Get Physical)
    Bjork - Dull Flame of Desire (Modeselektor's For Girls mix)
    M83 - Couleurs (Sasha mix) (Global Underground)
    Deadmau5 - Duo Cad Sordid (Mau5trap)
    King Unique - Hinode (Curfew)
    The Thrillers - Mamba (Persona)
    Lowfish - Krak (Satamile)
    Wiley - No Qualms (Ninja Tune)
    2562 - Kameleon (Tectonic)
    Monolake - Cern-LHC (Monolake)


    Herve AK - Sorry But No
    John Daly - Solitaire/Back It Up
    Tensnake - Keep Believin'
    Donnacha Costello - It Simply Is/Trust (Minimise)
    Italoboyz - Zinga (Get Physical)
    Florian Meindl - 8 Bit Romance (Radio Slave remix)

  9. wow, proud to see 'beehive' top all of your lists.

  10. Yeah I'm a little surprised not to see the Ander Ilar - Sworn on there too!

    Also, I had no idea that Thomas Melchior track was so acclaimed...I always like Choir a lot better on that release. maybe the flip deserves a closer listen

  11. @ jesse: to be honest, i dont think i even listened to 'sworn' (a) because i dont listen to many albums (hence why i kept my list to a top 5) and (b) for some reason - and i dont think i have a good justification for this - i've gone off ander ilar this year.

    as for melchoir, 'choir' is undoubtedly a good track (has he made a bad one?), but it doesnt grab me in the same way. anyway, that's personal preference...

  12. (to Yurinator) also wanted scenario in there and then realised it was 2007, only got hold of it couple months ago ;)
    Anyway here are my lists. So many from the lists already posted that i wanted in before, but had to limit it to 10 each.


    TRG- Broken Hearts (Martyn remix) - Hessle Audio

    Portable- Release - Perlon

    Break SL - Be Strong - Philpot

    D'Julz- Just So You Know (2000andOne remix) - Ovum

    Clark- For Wolves crew - Warp

    Norman Nodge- Native Rhythm Electric - Ostgut Ton

    Kerri Chandler- Pong (Ben Klock's Bones & Strings rework) - Deeply Rooted House

    Geiom feat. Marita- Reminissin - Berkane Sol

    Move D- Quit Quittin - Uzuri

    Dave Aju- Crazy Place (Luciano rmeix) - Circus Company


    Daedalus - Love To Make Music To - Ninja Tune

    Kangding Ray - Automne Fold - Raster Noton

    Shed - Shedding The Past - Ostgut Ton

    Portishead - 3rd - Universal Island Records

    Benga - Diary of an Afro Warrior - Tempa

    Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood (ost) - Nonesuch

    Beach House- Devotion - Carpark Records

    Red Snapper - Pale Blue Dot - Lo Recordings

    Headhunter - Nomad - Tempa

    Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - Serenity - Ostgut Ton


  13. Already posted my list over at but then had to add Danton Eeprom's Infinity Symbol after you published the tracklist for your Fengler mix.

    Only discovered your blog recently - it's da bomb! Have pointed our readership in this direction.

  14. Donato Dozzy, Nuel - Aquaplano 000

    Equalized - #002 - Equalized

    Gowentgone Remixes - ibex (Marcel Fengler Remix) [Vidab 05.5]

    Peter Van Hoesen - Trusted (original version) [Time To Express]

    Brendon Moeller - Ignition (Original Mix) [Apnea]

    Ripperton - Leonors Lanugo (Original Mix) [Perspectiv Records]

    Function - Anticipation EP [Sandwell District]

    Dasha Rush - Ionik (For Me Mix) [Fullpanda Records]

    Djorvin Clain - Sub Sequence (Original Mix) [Labrynth]

    Kalon - Man Is The Superior Animal (Original Mix) [Sandwell District]

    Len Faki - My Black Sheep (Marcel Dettmann Mix) [Figure]

    Marcel Dettmann - Clime EP [MDR]

    Marcel Fengler - Friction (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]

    Norman Nodge - Native Rhythm Electric (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]

    Samuli Kemppi - Vangel (Original Mix) [Ostgut Ton]

    Truss & Donor - Ground Decay (Truss Edit) [Synewave]

    Donnacha Costello - It Simply Is (Original Mix) [Minimise]

  15. Notable tracks for me past year, in no partular order (EPs from which these tracks are taken are usually worth checking out):

    Ovatow - Phalaenopsis (Dub I) (late 2007) (Frantic Flowers)

    Atjazz - Looking Glass[/url] (late 2007) (Reincarnation)

    Trench - (Trench The Original Slumber) (Subjet Detroit)

    Andy Vaz - Back To Square One (Yore)

    Naked Soul Featuring Glenn Underground - Chicago Connection (Music Plan)

    Kreon & Lemos - Stalega (Resopal Red)

    Delano Smith - Magic (Mixmode Recordings)

    Wbeeza - Heavy Stuff (Third Ear)

    Brothers Vibe - Like It Used 2 b (Altered vibe Mix) (Mixx Records)

    Bohddi Satva - Isa (Seasons Limited)

    Brendon Moeller - Skinkin'Thinkin (Third Ear)

    Aroy Dee - Life Of Raw (M>O>S)

    Alton Miller - Who Am I (Yore)

    Mr Raoul K - Your Side (Baobab Music)

    Santiago Salazar - sci-fi Xicano (Rush Hour)

    Claro Intellecto - Innocence (Modern Love)

    CRC - The Nymph (Curle)

    Ed Chamberlain - Styge (Ochre Remix) (Baselogic)

    Bohddi Satva - Warriors Of Africa (Anto Vitale Shabu Music Instrumental) (Offering)


    Mixes and live PA that I had on heavy rotation:


    estimulo - 4 AM Neukoelln

    move d - live at sunday best 7-20-2008

    truly-madly - rain (pt1/2/3)

    myra romano - ambrosia

    Tobi Tobsucht & Forrest Funk - Die Deepstapler

    Adam Vana - Live @Redshift 02 (8.16.08)


    dave siska - lighter path

    max duley - a tick in the box

    coded audio - aelita

    marcel fengler - mnml ssgs mx14

    cio d'or - vanille mix

    convextion . live pa faktion . manchester uk . 25.04.08

    jacen solo - frequency radio 07.02.08 (live pa)

    digitonal - live pa @ bloc week end 150308

  16. that's some list Benjamin - have you made any mixes with some of those tracks in? i want to hear them...

    also alex thank you for reminding me of 'Quit Quittin'...heard move d play it in December and it sounded incredible.

  17. keep the lists coming guys...

    and just as a teaser, thought you'd all like to know that the first two ssg mixes for 2009 are going to be from kassem mosse (this week) and santiago salazar (next week). nice!

  18. Hi Teleost,

    Yeah, I'll have a new mix out at the end of the month that includes many of those tracks. Email me your email address at, and I'll send you the download link when it's available. Thanks for the feedback.


  19. dammit, stop being so amazingly nice ;)

    thanks Chris, really appreciate the kind spot alongside other such amazing releases from this year.

    sh*t, now i have nowhere to go but down ;)

    thanks to Chris and ALL the ssgs crew, and to all others who have so kindly loved and supported throughout 08. here's to a great 09 for one and all...


  20. very interested to hear the kassem mosse mix...

  21. Big up for the Salazar Podcast! It shoudl widen things up a bit :P

    For a change i'm adding my top 10 remixes:

    01 Chymera - Caprica Burning (Dave Ellesmere's Rites of Spring Remix)
    02 Luke Hess - Believe & Receive (Shed's Deepanddubbydub Remix)
    03 Second Phase - Mentasm (Redshape CTX Mix)
    04 Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia - Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Mix)
    05 Dilo - The Kittycat Track (Tolga Fidan's San Pedro Remix)
    06 James Ruskin - Lahaine (OVR Remix)
    07 Grovskopa - Sex & Violins (Surgeon Remix)
    08 Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
    09 Peter Van Hoesen - Trusted (Norman Nodge Reconstruction)
    10 The Black Dog - Train by the Autobahn (Rob Hood's 8 Mile Remix)

    p.s. surprised nobody mentions the faboulous dark lp by The Black Dog, Radio Scarecrow...

  22. Surprised nobody mentioned Mike Shannon's Memory Tree. It rates in my top ten, not sure what else does though.


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