Saturday, March 29, 2008

mann of the moment.

following on very closely from the last post about the current zeitgiest, here is a brand new set from another person us ssgs have been talking a lot about: marcel dettmann. since the last time i wrote, my opinion of him has only increased further. as far as his productions go, i've been very impressed with what he has done so far, and am confident the best is yet to come. at the moment we are seeing the fully fledged arrival of a really distinctive sound signature roughly centred around berghain. dettmann and klock are perhaps the most instantly recognisable names, but to this should be added T++, shed, norman nodge and marcel fengler, amongst others. if some people are reacting to minimal by going deep into house, this is the other direction: a (re)turn to techno.

beyond dettmann's productions, it is really his djing that has grabbed me. in his sets you can hear that this is someone who is at the very top of his game. his sound is tough and driving, without ever getting cold or alienating. my sense is that dettmann's star is on the rise, and this guy is really going to explode over the next 12 months, especially after the release of his new berghain mix cd on ostgut, which is due mid year. if you want further evidence, have a look at his latest chart below and listen to this new marcel detmman mix, care of

marcel dettmann april 2008 chart
1. Shed - Warped Mind [Ostgut Ton]
2. Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056N (Substance remix) [Apnea]
3. Planetary Assault Systems - Kat [Mote-Evolver]
4. Redshape - Plonk [Present]
5. Peverelist - Junktion [Tectonic Recordings]
6. Tama Sumo & Prosumer - Brothers, Sisters [Ostgut Ton]
7. Radio Slave - Tantakatan [Rekids]
8. Norman Nodge - Native Rhythm [Ostgut Ton]
9. Ben Klock - 003 [Klockworks]
10. Pinch - 136 Trek [Punch Drunk]

for those who want even more of the berghain sounds, the latest berlin mitte institut show featured guests marcel dettmann and marcel fengler. you can download the whole recording (all 338mbs) and watch videos of it here.


  1. you know i whole heartedly agree with you on dettmann chris, without a doubt the best getting around at the moment! i am gonna see if i can find out some info on the next berghain cd from klock, i'll keep you posted...

  2. looking forward to hear more about the new berghain mix. cant wait...

    and for the second set posted - the radio show from berlin mitte institut - fengler plays the first hour, dettmann plays for the next hour after the interview and the last two hours are from the show's residents, dotcon and fresh meat.

  3. here is the tracklisting for the set:

    01. Dettmann / Klock – Places Like This – OstGut Ton 011
    02. Scaff – SSM 440 – Kontra Musik 006
    03. Adam Marshall – Kokane -- New Kanada 010
    04. MD III – Set Me Free – Underground 111
    05. Matthew Styles – We Said Nothing – Diamonds And Pearls 008
    06. Robert Hood – Side Effect – Music Man 138
    07. Damon Wild – Kabuki – Synewave 067
    08. 76 79 – Six Ten – Comfortable 007
    09. Tan Ru – Changeling – Trelik 001
    10. DJ Oji – The Afronauts (Spen’s Afro Orbit Mix) – Code Red 013
    11. Pär Grindvik – Continue In My Words (Dettmann / Klock Remix) – Spectral 048
    12. Ben Klock – Similarity – Bpitch Control 165
    13. Mode 4 – Tremble – Soma 034
    14. DJ Sneak – Till Dawn Do Us Part – AV8 009
    15. Luke Hess – Believe And Receive (Shed’s Deepanddubbydub)

  4. Both the .ru set and the Mitte Institut set(s) are fantastic, IMHO.

    I've been really digging the MI one, and I especially like it once the Berghain resident comes in and starts playing dark, dynamic, intense minimal techno from about 2:25:00... this is seriously the shit... but so's Fenglers dubstechno hour, and Dettmann's hour and a bit of up to the minute techno records. Well proper.

  5. that set is blistering. this guy knows his moods! i've just found out that i might get to see dettmann in manchester in a month...i'm a bit excited.

  6. lucky boy... pretty much every set i've heard from dettmann has been bang on. his berghain mix is the best mix cd i've heard in a long time (it is coming out early june i think - i'm doing a review for it, hence the promo)...
    you are lucky to be seeing him. rumour has it he will be heading down under in august. us ssgs hope so.

  7. and you're lucky that i am actually a boy rather than a girl ;)
    this is confirmed now. i hope the venue (a school!) is transformed into a berghain-like dungeon. something tells me that dancing to dettmann while surrounded by schooldesks might not replicate the experience accurately...

  8. Easy Joe!

    The Dettmann gig is indeed at the Manchester School of Sound Recording (SSR)on Downing St in Mcr (a stretch of the A6, or stockport Rd to most people). It's in a purpose built live room with a very very nice sound system...We hosted Convextion there last month and it went down a treat...this berghain party on June 6th is sure to be one of the best of the year...very limited capacity as well, so don't leave it too late! Marcel will be on at around 1am..DJ Miles (Modern Love), Spandex DJs and the Faktion Refinery Unit will be providing the support....

    peep the faktion blog page for more details and mixes...including an exclusive 90 minute Convextion Live set!



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