Saturday, March 15, 2008

go deep

over the last few days i've really been enjoying this new set from samuli kemppi. there is nothing that spectacular about the mix, it is just very well programmed. kemppi lets this beautiful collection of records breathe and speak for themselves. the title and tracklisting completely give away what it sounds like - deep and dubby. definitely worth a listen for those who love this sound (as i do). enjoy...

Samuli Kemppi - Dubtechnomiks
Carl Craig - The Climax (Basic Reshape) | Basic Channel
Echospace - Sonorous | Fortune
CV313 - Dimensional Space | Echospace
Echospace - Spatial Dimension | Deepchord
Echospace - OBMX | Fortune
Deixis - Form.v1 | Abstract Forms
CV313 - Saraya | Fortune
Quantec - Lunar Orbiter | Echocord
MLZ - M-Brane | Modern Love
Leftover - Linear Aspect | Baum

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