Sunday, January 27, 2008

eli cares

time for another set-up, this one is from eli verveine. before continuing i should say that any sets which we post have already had extensive play on our headphones and speakers, so if we put something here, it means you really should download it. there are so many sets floating about now it is hard to separate the keepers from the crap. consider the mnml ssg crew a useful filter to help find the crème.

anyway, this set from eli is a really beauty. it has a great deep and chilled vibe throughout: starting off with rhythm & sound and the perfect 'upekah' by son.sine, before eventually finishing up with classic plastikman. not only is this a fantastic mix by eli, it also is a good representative of two current trends the mnml ssg crew is really happy about at the moment. first, we are getting a serious influx of fantastic female djs and producers. second, there is so much good music floating down from the suisse mountains.

so do yourself a favour and download this 'carebear mix' from eli verveine:

carebear mix (192 kbits, 91.7 mb): feel good and hang-around-mix by eli verveine

1. rhythm and sound "destiny outward" -r&s 05-
2. dean decosta "precoursor" -lo-fi-
3. son.sine "upekah" -nurture-
4. localfields "pico" -zerogrounds"
5. arne weinberg "spectral disease" -aw-
6. vector lovers (claro intelecto rmx)"futures in plastic" -soma-
7. omar s. "detroit" -02-
8. claro itelecto ....... -ai records-
9. donnacha costello "melan" -force inc-
10. omar s. "detroit" -04-
11. maus "find a way" -below-
12. plasticman artifakts -novamute-


  1. Chris is right, this mix is fantastic. Perfect for a quiet afternoon or a very, very early morning.

  2. I just listened to this today, and it's an awesome mix. Very glad to see that Eli is continuing the Carebears adventure!

  3. Congratulations on a really nice mix.

  4. glad peeps are enjoying this. a really nice treat from eli. i am glad i came across this...


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