Friday, January 18, 2008

boat floaters

The new year is still only just starting to take shape (in all regards, music included). None of these were released in 2008, but quite a few perhaps slipped under the radar as they came out after ‘best of’ charts had appeared for 2007. Anyway, these cuts are all really floating my boat at the moment. I thoroughly recommend checking them:

Donnacha Costello – Black Bag Job (737)

Donnacha was one of the biggest disappointments of 2007 for me. Why would I say that? Because he didn’t do much. And I love Donnacha’s productions. So much warmth in them. So vibrant. So very alive. And this is exactly what ‘Black Bag Job’ is, his only new release of 2007, which snuck out in December. I’ve really been enjoying this. The 525 version is nice, but it’s the 737 take on the flip that really does it for me – slowed down and stretched out. Donnacha at his best. Let us hope 2008 is a tad more productive…

Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (Sebo K mix)

I know it is the original that has been getting all the praise, but it is the Sebo K mix that has been doing it for me. I can imagine the Radio Slave version being a very effective big room number, but, like most of his productions, I just don’t quite feel it. Sebo K’s take is definitely for the afterhours instead; he gives it a really deep, heady vibe. I think the first place I heard it was when I was listening to a livestream from Bar25. Not surprising really. Suits that environ perfectly. The key addition of some very house vocals really makes this remix. Definitely make sure not to get so caught up on the original that you forget to check out the flip.

Dasha Rush – Emotional Emergency

Just starting to discover more about Dasha, and this is definitely a good entry point as this track really, really rocks. I remember the seriously under-rated Donato Dozzy in a RA interview mentioning her tracks are secret weapons and I am starting to see/hear why. ‘Emotional Emergency’ begins rather innocuously, but really starts to build around the 3 minute mark and keeps rising. It kind of feels like halfway between Misc and their Neiderfleur alter ego. Big digital stormer. The other two cuts on this ep are good but this is the one that definitely will be causing some damage on the dancefloor.

Dettmann and Klock – Scenario

Speaking of dancefloor bombs, they don’t come much bigger than this. This is HUGE. Dettmann and Klock have been doing some fantastic stuff both individually and together, but I reckon this is their best effort to date. It is exactly what you’d expect from them – tough, tight, very compressed and powerful. I know this may not be a helpful description for many, but it is so Berghain. I would love to hear this out in that environment… Anyway, definitely, definitely check this. The single best track I’ve heard this year by a long, long way. I know some people lately have been expressing some skepticism about the direction techno is heading, but listen to ‘Scenario’ and any faith lost will be restored. If this is an indication of what is in store for us, I am very excited. Bring it on!

Round Two – New Day (club vocal mix)

Yes, this is not new. But Justus Kohncke’s cover is. And when I listened to it, all I wanted to do was go back and hear the original again. I had two thoughts. 1. Wow. The cover doesn’t come anywhere near the original. 2. The Round Two version is as about as close as you get to a perfect track. After all these years it still sounds amazing. I constantly find myself reflecting on how much brilliance has emerged from the Basic Channel guys. Do yourself a favour and dig it up.

Mikkel Metal – Krudina

I’ve been really getting back into my dub techno lately (thanks largely to the Deepchord output). Amongst all the great releases in this genre in 2007, Metal’s ‘Brone and Wait’ was a touch disappointing by his own high standards and in comparison to what others did. Recently, though, I came across one of the tracks from it – ‘Krudina’ – which is now being played pretty regularly. Metal at his best – the dub influence is strong and it has a very restrained, gentle feel. This is encouraging me to go back and give ‘Brone and Wait’ a second chance. Will keep you posted.

Newworldaquarium – The Force

Last, but certainly not least, is this gem. ‘The Force’ is a simple and somewhat flawed track – at 10 minutes it is probably too long and the bassline is rather ineffectual. But. But it has a perfect melody that completely sucks you in. I’ve had this on repeat since I got it the other day. This has such a beautiful soundscape, drenched full of emotion. I haven’t listened to the rest of the LP yet, as I just keep on playing ‘The Force’. If it is anywhere near as good as this track, then we’ve definitely got a find. Perhaps one of the best cuts of neo-Detroit that I am yet to hear.

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