Monday, July 9, 2012

Bill Kouligas tracklist

Since posting Bill's mix, I have now had a chance to listen to the latest release on Pan: a massive collab between Mika Vainio, Lucio Capece, Kevin Drumm and Axel Dörner. Wow. The LP is ridiculous. Definitely not for the faint of heart, it is an intense, powerful listen. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, or if you like any of the artists involved, I strongly recommend checking it out. On a related, but slightly different tip, here is the tracklist for Bill's quality mix:

Lawrence Weiner 'Nothing to Lose' (Van Abbemuseum)
John Sangster 'First Light /Sunrise/The Birds' (Cherry Pie)
Frieder Butzmann 'Wie Zeit Vergeht' (PAN)
Instant House 'Lost Horizons' (Jungle Sounds Records)
Pépé Bradock 'Attaque De Boulangerie' (Atavisme)
Robert Hood 'Behind This Door' (Cheap)
Lee Gamble 'PLOS 97' (PAN)
Étant Donnés ‎'Plutôt L'Exil Du Cinq Doré'  (Vita Nova)
Kassem Mosse '578' (Mikrodisko Recordings)
Trevor Wishart 'Imago' (PAN)
Leron Carson 'Red Lightbulb' (Sound Signature)
Master C & J 'Face It' (State Street Records)
Aybee 'Nigg#z And Space Machines' (Deepblak)
Driphouse 'Slow Sum Part One' (Spectrum Spools)
Magic Mountain High 'XX B' (Workshop)
Aaron Dilloway 'Labyrinths & Jokes' (Hanson)
Kowton 'Des Bisous' (Pale Fire)
NHK'Koyxen '101' (PAN)
NHK'Koyxen '629' (PAN)
Convextion 'Untitled' (Matrix Records)
Levon Vincent '1000 Miles From Home' (Novel Sound)
Eli Keszler 'Catching Net' (PAN)
Flux of Pink Indians 'The Value of Nothing' (One Little Indian)
Fred P 'No Looking Back' (Soul People Music)
Moodymanc 'Coleman' (20:20 Vision)
DJ Qu 'Secret Place' (Strength Music Recordings)
Togashi Masahiko 'Spritual Nature' (Inner City Records)
Gallifré '117 (House Beats)' (Danica Records)
Maximillion Dunbar 'Cassette Arabic' (L.I.E.S.)
Risque III 'Essence of a dream' (Stride Records Inc)
R/S 'Chicago II' (PAN)
Dreesvn 'Untitled' (Acido)
Elgato 'Blue' (Hessle Audio)
Jeanne Lee 'Angel Chile' (Earthform)
Bernard Parmegiani 'Pop'eclectic' (INA-GRM)
DJ Sotofett 'Untitled' (Sex Tags / Wania)
'Shake' Shakir 'Indagoo' (Morphine)
Rhythim Is Rhythim ‎'Beyond The Dance' Cult Mix (Transmat)
Actress 'Shadow From Tartarus' (Honest Jons)
Jacques Lejeune 'Final À La Cour Du Prince' (SFP)
Ed Barger 'E Coli' (LAFMS)

Thanks again to Bill for putting this together. The final mnml ssgs mix will be up in the coming days.

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