Monday, June 20, 2011

TodaysArt 2011

For those of you unable to attend the Labyrinth in September worry not, MNML SSGS are working to make sure there is another great option available. The following weekend on the 23rd and 24th September 2011, the TodaysArt festival will be taking place in The Hague. Since 2005 TodaysArt has been one of the leading art festivals in Europe, bringing together forward thinking and innovative visual and performing arts. A central component of this is the music programme, and MNML SSGS is proud to announce that we will be involved in programming one of the rooms over the two nights. We are still in the process of finalising the lineup, but so far confirmed artists include: Delta Funktionen, Oni Ayhun, Senking and Ulf Eriksson. Other ssg friendly acts playing at TodaysArt 2011 in The Hague include: Kangding Ray, Luomo, and the Vladislav Delay Quartet. Once it is all finalised, we'll make sure to update you with the full lineup, but suffice to say, things are shaping up very nicely...

So for our European friends who can't afford a trip to Japan, perhaps the Netherlands might be much more manageable. Presale tickets are only €35 for a weekend pass, or €25 for one day. Excellent value given everything it gives you access to. Presales are now available to purchase online here. For more info, check the TodaysArt website and twitter. And for our Belgian friends, TodaysArt will also be extended this year to include an edition in Brussels the following weekend (30 September and 1 October).

We will keep you updated here as it all comes together. MNML SSGS are very excited to be working with the TodaysArt Festival in The Hague and hope to contribute to making something very special. September is going to be a big month!


  1. Check!
    Are you coming over Chris?

  2. yep, i'm coming to the hague.

  3. great !! for this one , this less far than laby fest so ... : )

  4. Excellent guys! TodaysArt is a great festival. Shame I can't make it, we are doing Alpha-ville that same weekend, so for those who are in London join us at Alpha-ville.

  5. went last year and had a really, really great time. would like to make it this year but it's looking unlikely. sobsies.


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