Tuesday, April 15, 2008

playing favourites

ssg series

first up, we are very happy to announce that our ssgcast should be appearing within the next week or so. we've been working hard on putting together a unique series of mixes from artists that we think are really special and should be listened to very carefully. we'll give more info about the concept when the first installment appears, but for now we'll just say that we are very excited about it, as we've got some amazing people involved with this. the first couple of mixes are going to be from ana (harry klein, munich), pawel (orphanear/dial) and bvdub (styrax/quietus). in the meantime, here are some really great sets to listen to and enjoy from some of mnml ssg's favourites.

prosumer: consumer

to avoid complaints about being contradictory, i should make it clear that while i am growing increasingly sceptical about the current deep house fad/revival, this doesn't mean there isn't great music of this genre floating about at the moment. case in point is prosumer, who has been spinning and producing some really amazing stuff. this new mix of his is quite sublime. definitely worth checking for those who like it deep.

prosumer beats in space guest mix 1.4.2008

01. Prosumer And Murat Tepeli - Cathedral /Ostgut Tonträger/
02. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Intro) /Prescription/
03. Nick Holder - Love Is Blind /DNH Recordings/
04. Moodymann - Backagainforthefirsttime? /Peacefrog Records/
05. Nick Holder - Love Is Blind /DNH Recordings/
06. Ron Trent And Chez Damier - Morning Factory /Prescription/
07. Larry Heard - Free /Track Mode/
08. Larry Heard - Tell Me What It Is /Track Mode/
09. Fingers Inc. - Never No More Lonely /Jack Trax/
10. Raze - Break 4 Love /Champion/
11. Andthoney And M. Kinchen - The Feeling /Prescription/
12. Colonel Abrams - Trapped /MCA Records/
13. Noni - Be My (Friend) /Prescription/
14. Walt J - 'Untiteled' /Dow Records/
15. Ralphi Rosario feat. Xavier Gold - You Used To Hold Me /Hot Mix 5/
16. Paul Johnson - Something Strange /Dance Mania/
17. The Sanctuary Project - Running It /House Jam Records/
18. Paul Johnson - Don't Stop Movin That Ass /Dance Mania/
19. Instinct - Just A Feeling /Decisive Records/

house music all night long

one more on the deep tip, this is a mammoth recording (almost 8 hours in length, sound quality is still pretty good, though) taken from a night somewhere in southern suisse featuring mountain person serafin, mr dependable dan bell and resident dj seranthony. i still haven't finished digesting all of it, but so far so good, and i figured there would be plenty out there who'd be keen.

seranthony, dan bell and serafin @ hidden, suisse 15.3.2008


i discovered kate simko's smooth sounds last year and have been enjoying them ever since. i am yet to hear her new 'she said' ep on spectral, but am keen to after reading philip sherburne's recent praise of it. for those of you haven't heard any of simko's work yet, i strongly suggest giving this livepa a listen as it gives a great representation of her music. kate is also really developing a sound signature of her own, which is all the more impressive at a time when people are sounding very 'same-y'. and what really impresses me about this set is how well it is put together and coheres. it has an excellent tempo and flow throughout. definitely worth checking (as are all of the sets posted here for that matter -only the best for our readers!).

kate simko livepa @ spectral wmc party 29.03.2008


couldn't resist when i saw this mix appeared: a lost acid house mix from peter grummich recorded in 1992, found and mastered in 2008. i downloaded this and put it straight on cd. since then, i've been rocking around in my car to old school acid house. aciiiiiiid! this mix is exactly what you'd expect: plenty of acid, one or two cringe-worthy moments and lots of fun. a really guilty pleasure. enjoy.

peter grummich - the lost acid house mix tape

more gold

we recently posted an excellent mix from cio d'or. and now, another new set from her. and again, this mix is gold. there are two things which really attract me to cio d'or sounds. first, her mixes have a very clear intent and concept behind them. these are well thought and constructed. second, she has a very distinct sound. like simko, this is something i really look for and appreciate.

cio d'or presents polar 22 alpha mix 04.2008

Kassem Mosse and Boys "r us" - Message from Haifa (Mikrodisko)
Jens Zimmermann - Reduction Seduction (Harthouse)
Planetary Assault System - The Electric Funk Machine (Peacefrog)
Alka Rex - Shapes to Phases (Supraliner)
Cio D'Or - Kimono (Motoguzzi)
Rasmus Hedland - Hidden Structure (Resopal)
Non Standard Institute - Reference (NSI)
Function Isolation - Isotope (Sandwell District)
M.Parker/D.Dozzy - Excavations (Dozzy Records)
Tim Xavier - Astral Plane (Podium - Repress)
Sightdraft (Paul Brtschitsch) - X Rated (Crash Records)
Johannes Heil - The Coming EP (Metatron)
Planetary Assault System - Deep Heet Vol.1 (Mute Evolver)
Mathew Jonson - Gemini EP (Itiswhatitis)
Mike Parker - Light&Dark Part 4 (ID004)
Byetone (Sleeparchive Rmx) - Plastic Star (Raster)
Mike Parker - Light&Dark Part 4 (ID004)
Kassem Mosse and Boys "r us" - Message from Haifa (Mikrodisko)

new sounds

last, but not least, a livepa from an artist that is new to me, marko fürstenberg. this is the first thing i've heard from him and i dig it. it is dub techno all the way. like everyone in this genre, the basic channel shadow is always looming over his sounds, but that doesn't mean that there is no point listening to marko and the rest of this new generation of techno dub artists (as some people seem to think). it is also nice to hear techno dub in the format of a livepa, as the vast majority of stuff available on the net is dj mixes. anyway, give it a listen if you like this brand of music.

marko fürstenberg @ paysages electroniques 4.4.2008

ok, there you go. plenty of new music filtered and given the 'mnml ssg stamp of approval'. if there are problems with any of the links, leave a message and i'll try to sort something out. and get ready for the ssg mixes!


  1. prosumer mix looks fun, but damn, EVERY track on there aside from his own is at least 10 years old, many are up to 20 years old. i love the old shit too, but come on, throw some more new jams in there! i'll DL it anyway though ;)

  2. but arent you always encouraging everyone to look back, rather than get caught up on new music simply because it is new? but i do know what you mean (i refuse to use emoticons, but if i did use them, i'd insert a wink one here).

    and someone like prosumer - with the panorama/ostgut name - has the potential to introduce more techno-orientated people to old house jams... anyway, for what it's worth, i dig it.

  3. Dang, just got an adultfriendfinder ad from megaupload at work. Yikes!

  4. Simko set is a blinder. I absolutely adore her sound and you're right that it's very refreshing. Check out the She Said release as soon as you can, it's definitely worth it for all three tracks.

  5. "but arent you always encouraging everyone to look back, rather than get caught up on new music simply because it is new? but i do know what you mean (i refuse to use emoticons, but if i did use them, i'd insert a wink one here)."

    it's all about balance, too much new or too much old are both boring in their own way! it's all about the mix up....

  6. So, mkb, did you manage to find any adult friends? ;-)

    As regards the post itself ... wow. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! Six sets, all of which sound bloody fantastic. When too much good music is never enough.

    I'm very keen to hear the Simko set ... and, no, I haven't heard the "She Said" EP on Spectral yet either. It sounds like I really need to.

    Oh, and the Acid dog and cat picture is priceless. Love it.

  7. it also happens to be one of the more beautiful of the records i've bought this year. artwork matches the music, pretty but also slightly sinister.

  8. you just absolutely have to check out
    "surphase_at_eulenspiegel_030207" (marko fürstenberg)

    fantastic piece of a set

  9. Agree with Joe. That Simko set IS a blinder indeed.

  10. really liked the prosumer mix, i wouldn't have guessed that most of those songs are 10+ years old, wow !

  11. i was listening to the simko set over breakfast and now enoying the prosumer one again. it definitely bumps.

  12. I definitely think that Prosumer set is one of the best showcases of (his definition of) deep house that I've heard, full-stop.

    Incidentally, have any of you revisited his RA podcast? So many of the 'casts are good, but lack that 'little bit extra' (be it care, passion, or magic) that make them eminently re-listenable. But Prosumer's is a notable exception.

    Ditto the Simko - her sound really has an ineffable 'something'- plus the way it modulates and shifts gradually makes it fit neatly with analogous explorations by Dear as Audion (at least pre-raygun Audion).

    That might make an interesting electro-shouty band name:

    Raygun Youth

    ...I'll add that to my house prod. duo names of 'Backlash and Bandwagon' or 'Peddle and Smut'

  13. yeah, after listening to the beats in space set, i continued my prosumer-thon with the RA podcast, which is on it, and then this one: Prosumer @ Dance under the Blue Moon 2007-01-06


  14. cheers, i can't get enough

  15. Saw prosumer play for 4 hours or so on saturday night. One of the best sets I've heard. He is a machine in terms of mixing, but he has the most feeling of any DJ i've seen. Pretty much in love now!

  16. yeah, prosumer sounds/feels like a guy who really knows and cares. keen to keep hearing more of his sounds. joe - i am jealous...

  17. i've been listening to the beats in space mix this afternoon - a bit heavier than how he played on saturday, but the overarching atmosphere is still definitely him. reading his blurb on the RA podcast just reaffirms everything I picked up on on saturday.

    Have you got any indoor/outdoor venues over there? Dancing to Prosumer while the sun comes up probably can't be beaten. You should try and get him booked for your summer - that'd make a great Christmas party.


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