Saturday, January 30, 2010

stalking sandwell


just another quick post: tonight i was stuck at home working, which was not much fun at all. one thing that did cheer me up slightly was the thought that this time next week i'll be dancing my ass off back at corsica, which is fast becoming the home of quality forward thinking music in london. next friday 5th feb i am making the trip over for the next plex party, which has a seriously bumper lineup headed by the mighty sandwell district. very excited to see function and regis going at it together, and looks like function is also playing himself. plenty of other heat too: i'm very interested to catch both forward strategy group and the village orchestra, after hearing impressive sets of theirs online. if i have the chance, i'm also hoping to catch peverelist, as i've liked what little i've heard from him. this is going to  be my last party in the UK before i finally depart. cant think of a better farewell party. hopefully we'll see some ssgs in the london vacinity.

the other exciting news is that on my way to japan (where i'll be based as of march), i'm stopping over in berlin. sat 27 feb is looking like an absolutely huge night. put it in the calendar now ssgs. at maria, there is the electrodes and wires party with adam x, dasha rush, cheap & deep. nice. then over at berghain, there is a sandwell district showcase with silent servant, regis and function. all 3. boom! while i am planning on making it to both, it is the sandwell party at berghain i am really pumped for. i cant think of a better combo. so all berlin ssgs, please make sure to come out for some quality techno. i am pumped!

so i get to see sandwell twice in feb. this makes me happy. it is also great to see a bunch of ssg artists playing in berlin too. looks like when i arrive in tokyo in march, there will be more ssg contributors playing again. more great news. anyway, there should be a special sunday sounds up this week if everything works, and another ssg mix in the next week or so.


  1. There for Plex. Really looking forward to this one. First time for Function on his own so really excited. That Berghain night looks incredible.

  2. If anyone is going to by in New York soon, there are some huge lineups as well:

    Feb 26th: Cio D'Or & DJ Three @ Love

    March 5th: Donato Dozzy @ The Bunker (according to his myspace page)

  3. get lost Chris!!! with all these parties...

    i am jealous*

    :-)) :-((

  4. @bewgls Good spot. Would love to see him at the Bunker, and I believe he is doing the Bleep 43 party at Corsica on the 16th April. I'm sold, the last one was amazing

  5. the next bleep party in april with dozz sounds like it is going to be really special. the other artist they've got paired with dozz is seriously impressive. it kills me i wont be there.

  6. @ bewgls:

    thanks for the heads up! If you havn't heard about this yet, it's a must:

    February 6th: Moritz von Oswald Trio, Levon Vincent @ Le Poisson Rouge

  7. Really hoping to make it to Plex. Just spotted this now and will be my first chance to see a DJ introduced to me by this blog live. Cant wait

  8. Just saw the line up for the next Bleep43 night in April. Mika Vainio, Dozzy and Terrence Parker.

  9. @ Jeremy and Bewgls: That aint the half of it. That whole week is going to be unbelievable. If you're going to be around NYC and you can take a week off work go. Otherwise you'll need to pick and choose, but NYC is spoiled for choice for once.

    2562, Cloutier, Carl Craig, Vladislav Delay, Falty DL, Tim Hecker, Luke Hess, Ezekiel Honig,
    Mike Huckaby, Petre Inspirescu, Jacaszek, Legowelt, Moritz von Oswald Trio, Mountains, Newworldaquarium, Shake Shakir, Tape, Tobias, TRG, Untold... and yes the list goes on.

    Also some interesting sounding panel discussions, including one with Morton Subotnick.

  10. @brad: Yep...wish I could go to them all, but I don't live in New York, I'm in Philly. I had to choose one event, and the MVO trio/ Levon Vincent night is the one I'm most interested in. Tough to say no to all those other great I have to choose between Cio D'or and Dozzy for their upcoming events, because I can't keep requesting time off from work to attend these events. It's enough to make me consider moving to New York.

  11. @ jeremy: i love cio, but trust me, go dozzy.


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