Saturday, January 23, 2010

bring the basinski

just a quick post: for our friends in australia and japan, william basinksi is playing in sydney, perth and tokyo in the next couple of weeks. you can find info on the shows here. i'm kicking myself i wont be able to see any of them.

like many people, i first came across basinski's work through the mindbending 'disintegration loops', which remains for me some of the most powerful electronic/ambient music i've ever heard. stunning stuff. the 2nd one is my favourite. after that, though, i stopped listening to that kind of music, and only really came back to it last year. cam brought my attention to '92982', which was one of my favourite releases of 2009. i've just ordered his new album, 'vivian & ondine'. cant wait to hear it. the concept sounds very cool:

"...I got back to work and found yet another lunchbox of ancient tape-loops to go through for possible inclusion in the new piece. I came across the main theme and thought...well, this is gorgeous; let's see if we can use this to coax Viv to come out. I went through the rest of them and found another dozen or so that mixed well used randomly, just under the threshold.

The next night I performed the piece at Issue with their 16 channel hemispherical speaker system set to move the sounds randomly around the room as if waves in a pool. We all had a really good time. It was mesmerizing."

will make sure to report back after the CD arrives...


  1. Vivian & Ondine is such a beautiful album. Extremely touching work again by Mr. Basinski.

  2. thanks for this im gonna check really want to listen to some new ambient stuff:) oh i would love to see more and more posts like this just recommending stuff and heating up some discussions:)

  3. @ rokas: will try to do some more posts on what i am listening to... but i dont have the headspace for too much right now, to be honest.

    i can tell you, i am listening to a lot of ambient right now. very little techno. this last week i've been enjoying basinski's 'silent night' a lot. and the mix i will be posting on sunday.

  4. i have just remembered the old cd i have gas0095 i just love to listen its maybe noit exactly 100% ambient but everybody who doesnt know it must check it

  5. unsurprisingly this is beautiful.


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