Monday, April 11, 2011

Enter the Labyrinth

Two very important bits of news from the Mindgames crew:

1. The dates for Labyrinth 2011 have been announced:

17 - 19 September at Naeba, Niigata.

2. And for those of you in Tokyo, Mindgames are doing a party over Golden Week to officially start the countdown towards this year's Labyrinth. One of Lab's resident DJs - Peter van Hoesen - will be playing, alongside Bunker boy Eric Cloutier. Needless to say, this lineup is very mnml ssgs friendly...

Enter the Labyrinth
Peter van Hoesen
Eric Cloutier

Tuesday 3 May at Unit
Open 23:30, Start 24:00.
4,000 yen on the door.

More info

We'll keep everyone updated Labyrinth, as information is announced. In the meantime, we are really looking forward to seeing Peter and Eric back in J-land!


  1. Excellent. I might actually be in a position to make it this year.

  2. The news we've all been waiting for :-)

    Now for the hard part: finding the goddamn money...

  3. too bad we cannot addend the enter party. but we're gonna catch peter van hoesen, function etc. in club fuse brussels in a few days, looking forward!

  4. i'm making the trip from melbourne this year, flights booked :)

    looking forward to meeting some fellow ssgs!


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