Monday, December 6, 2010

mnml ssgs' xms ssg szl!

About a year ago, Melbourne-based readers began getting in contact with Chris and I, asking if there'd be any ssgs-related events in the future. Well, finally things have come together fortuitously at the Melbourne end of things.

What I've put together is a kind of two speed evening. Earlier on, we're going to be having a sausage sizzle (will sort some vegetarian options), while Dave Slutzkin, Joshua Meggitt and I will play a broad selection of music, ranging between contemporary classical, electronica new an old, key selections of 2010, which house (who can say?), and some ssg-related favourites. I'm really hoping that people with kids, husbands, wives, partners, pets, gimps or whoever else keeps 'em in the bosom of the oikos will come down earlier. The music won't be too loud and it shouldn't be too crowded, so kids should be okay too.

Later on, Loose Joints' residents Tig and Blake (Two Bright Lakes) will turn on their regular selection, twisted into ssg-shaped forms. I might train wreck a few deeper house and techno records, if I'm not too drunk already (actually, the danger is that I'll play anyway). Then, finally, Not Happy Jan is coming in to play a special set of Chicago and early 90s NY house to tie a bumping bow on everything.

Entry is free all evening, ssgs by negotiation (which means I'm still working those details out), the sound system is reasonable and the espresso martinis are second to none.

Among other things, 2010 taught me that this blog is real. The effects are diffuse, but they're there, and all the people I've had the pleasure of meeting in real life through ssgs have been lovely. This should be a good chance for you to get a good sense of that. Or that's what we hope. In any case, if you're in Melbourne, pencil it in, hope to see you on Saturday the 18th.



  1. Hope I can make it, this looks like a great party!

  2. have recommended to my Melbourne close friend Jacquie... ''*there will be ssgs'' ... he he

  3. Thanks Dave!! Look Awesome!! fun fun fun x

  4. I'll be there Pete - will be nice to meet you - Chris always said we would get on well. Much love

  5. look forward to seeing you all there.

    My box is beginning to look housey as hell...

    ...but which house? Or should I say: whose house?

  6. Great idea, and great venue (only recently stumbled across it - nice people all round). Hope to make it for some ssgs.

  7. awesome yo, see y'all there! Rob

  8. Nice one. Looking forward to it.

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  10. Great party last night. Music selection all night was top notch and met loads of really cool people.



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