Monday, July 20, 2009

mx32 - anthony parasole: tracklisting

before i forget, here is the tracklisting for anthony parasole's excellent ssg mx.

mnml ssgs mx32: anthony parasole

1- Fred P - Mind in Flight "unreleased coming out soon"(Soul People Music)
2- Dj Qu & David S- Fight From Beyond (Strength)
3- Solab - Distant Galaxy (Lifeworld)
4- Dj Joey Anderson - Thee Analysis (Exchange Place)
5- Metro Area - Rhythm Reel (Environ)
6- Zachary Lubin- Introduction to algorithms (Axis Records)
7- Omar S - Track #8 (Fxhe)
8- Dj Qu - Air's Force (Semesters)
9- Morphosis- Anat (Morphine)
10- Obsolete Music Technology- Lowjack (Emphasis)
11-The Oliverwho Factory- U Don't Know (Madd Chaise)
12-Samuli Kemppi- Avaruusraita (Pakkas)
13-Levon Vincent- Games Dub (Underground Quality)
14-James Kumo- Fluid (Delsin)
15-Intrinsic- Tachyon (Emphasis)
16-Claude Vonstroke- Storm on Lake Saint Claire (dirtybird)
17-Jackmaster Corky- Dimension 106 (Creme Jak)
18-Dead Prez - It's Bigger Then Hip Hop (Loud)

lerosa up tomorrow.


  1. hello every one i search a cd album not mix album in techno style like berghain(marcel dettman,marcel fengler....)please tell my
    my last album is claro intelecto warehouse sessions...
    for my the best last mix is silent servant mx30 thank you for that...

  2. sounds refreshing! thx yesssssssssss!

  3. This mix is loaded with super fresh tracks and makes me want to hop on a plane to NY and catch Anthony, Levon and Eric C dj.

  4. Tight. And Mr. Parasole just made a huge favor for James Kumo. I directly bought both of his EP's :))

  5. this is one of those mix's that i will play in a couple of months and it still be fresh

  6. This session completely from the darkest sounds with a constant progression,cool selection of tracks, amazing Anthony Parasole every time sounds better.

  7. This mix insane, I can't believe I'm getting so late! Its so uplifiting at parts, so awesome.

  8. This mix is beyond amazing...I don't even know what else to say about it other than it's simply breathtaking...NYC in the house!

  9. one of the tightest mixes i ve heard in here... every track mixed with the other is a needlecraft..

    u keep it alive*

    track #8 Omar s is the absolute highlighter for me, as for Fluid mixed with Tachyon is bending my mind literaly*
    ps the real hip hop at the end, made my temper rave!* what an original and surpsise closure!


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