Friday, August 22, 2008

altered states

care of hardwax, i just discovered that ron trent's 'altered states' has joined the list of stone cold classics to be remastered and reissued this year. i am not a dj, nor do i collect vinyl, but if i fell into either (or more likely both) of those categories chances are i'd already have a copy of this record. if not, i'd be ordering one from hardwax right now. 'altered states' is pure perfection. one of those rare records that evokes a certain feeling and emotion which reminds you of the true power and beauty of this music we love. this is a timeless record, everytime i hear it i get completely lost, and it still sounds just as amazing as the first time it knocked me off my feet. with any luck, hopefully this reissue results in it being played a bit more. if i were a dj, this is one record that would never leave my crate. much respect to ron trent. 'altered states' is what this music is all about. i know i am preaching to the converted here anyway, but if by chance you haven't heard it, or want to hear it again, here it is:


  1. now this is what it is all about! the double pack on DJAX which includes some dope remixes as well as the whole original 12" in it has been in press for a while, it does leave my box but not frequently!

  2. you are absolutely right.


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