Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mnml ssgs mx31: giorgio gigli

and back to italy we go... mx31 comes care of giorgio gigli. for the ssg mixes we have a couple of lists: (1) 'people who have agreed to do mixes', (2) 'people we plan to ask to do mixes', and a much longer list of (3) 'people we asked to do mixes and declined or never replied'. gigli was on the 2nd list for quite a while, though i hesitated about contacting him because i didn't want this to become an all italian affair! but after starting up a conversation with the excellent label prologue music, on which giorgio has 2 new releases, it felt like the time was right. luckily we got it sorted and giorgio put together this mix for us.

one of the most interesting things for me about this series is hearing the way different contributors structure their mixes. what i really love about giorgio's mix is the way it builds - it starts with deep, ambient soundscape and goes from there, gradually raising the tempo. in some senses, it reminds me of the way one of my favourite mix cds - tobias thomas' smallville - is composed.

this is what giorgio had to say about the mix:

"this is a vinyl-only dj set (i like to specify i’m a vinyl lover and collector).

i did it without any digital process, so i think that if someone finds some imperfections it must be considered a quality and not a defect, this is the difference between a man to a computer machine: it is the exact proof that we are humans.

this is a trip through dark scenarios, rarefied and disordered moments, where sometimes there is a ray of sunshine that illuminates our face. i like to think that, with the noise of the turbines that hypnotize you, trying to find a way out."

these feelings are not only reflected in his dj'ing, but also in his productions. his recent release on prologue music, 'magnetic field', was appopriately described in a RA review as 'music that evokes the dawn of time as well as the end of the world... an intriguing balance of the abstract and controlled.' and while this is very strong, i must admit that i prefer his forthcoming 'observation document #1' also on prologue. it is a really incredible release that goes further and deeper than 'magnetic field'. keep your eye out for these... and following on will be 'observation document #2', which i am sure will be equally hypnotic.

mnml ssgs mx31: giorgio gigli (direct dl)

for more info, make sure to check giorgio gigli 's myspace and his webpage. thanks to prologue for helping make this happen - keep an eye on them as they have some really excellent releases in store, which i know many ssg readers will be interested in. and, of course, much respect to giorgio for taking the time to put this mix together.


  1. Shame on those that are on list 3!
    In download. I'd like to thank Chris for making me (and us) more aware of the Italian techno sound.

  2. This mix is all vinyl??? Nice... Respect!!

  3. well i think alot of mixes here are only vinyl...
    cant wait for tracklist of this and for the news about next month :)
    thanks chris for this quality shit

  4. Great !!! Its online :-) ... Big thanks to you Chris for mentioning our label and upcoming releases as well. ----

    This mix is a typically Gigli journey.. Giorgio suprise me always, be it his mixes, his productions or even the sound selection for his music journeys.... Thanks to you both releasing this one... The mix runs in my car and some friends already ask for getting this .... DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY....

  5. yeah, we had to sit on this one for a bit - this month has been crazy for mixes, there was a bit of a backlog to work through! very happy to share it with everyone now. deep, special sounds from giorgio.

    hopefully next month will be a bit less hectic with mixes. we had 5 in june. too much!

  6. no no chris ! not to much!
    :) theres never to much of quality stuff

  7. @ rokas: haha. perhaps. well we definitely have no more than 1 mix per week, but ideally i think i'd like about 1 every 2 weeks. but it just depends when they arrive. we don't have a fixed schedule, so right now i have no idea who the next mix will come from!

  8. you know i started reading your blog daily only like one month ago.. and this schedule is very good haha.. i wish there would something like best releases of month or something ;)
    and like best mixes not from mnmlssgs ..

  9. @ rokas: will be posting my new charts soon, but i can tell you the best release i've heard this month - perhaps all year - is this:

    anyway, more on that soon. for now, enjoy gigli!

  10. read that on your twitter i think :)
    im enjoying it 2nd time in a row :)
    really nice dark atmosphere, but workers are in my house so will need to listen to it 3rd time! ;)

  11. Wicked set. Especially love the dark ambient/downtempo first half. I could have three hours of just that!

  12. will listen to this as soon as i get the chance. i have a certain feeling that i'll like it ;-)

  13. @Chris-Where did you even come across that Oni Ayhun tune? It's unreal!! Seriously-without the ssgs and the regular posters I'd be lost cos you've all opened up such a big world of music to me. Thanks to you all.
    As for Giorgio's Mix, I'm loving it so far-really atmospheric. Sorry for going off topic at the start I'm just a bit emotional today...

  14. Seeriously? Like, SERIOUSLY?! I haven't even come close to getting everything out of La Segunda, and along comes this superb mix. This mix is EXACTLY what I needed today. Perfect blend of the atmospheric and the cacophanous.

    Thank you ssgs, Prologue and especially Giorgio for this incredible mix.

  15. A superb mix of dark ambient & techno. In parts it reminded my of your mix for Modyfier!

    Also, Sakho FTW.

  16. you guys are spoiling us

    another amazing mix. very fitting on this stormy evening.

  17. Spoiling us indeed. The is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.

    The sad thing is all those hordes of people out there who never hear music like this. Worse, don't even know it exists. Lucky us huh.

    I regularly put links to d/l's like this up on my Crackbook so hopefully it's getting out there a l'il more. Though I think most may roll their eyes thinkin' Pete's havin' another music rave ; )

  18. @ srdic: well put. there is so much more depth and breadth to this music than most people realise. when people hear what i *actually* listen to, rather than what they *perceive* i listen to, they are always very pleasantly surprised.

  19. sweet. am a big fan of the Prologue stuff... this guy is on it right now. excited about the mix... but for the record why is it even necessary to say ` this mix is vinyl only` - just dont get this attitude. so cos i play only 30% vinyl i am less of a vinyl lover??? tell that to my mum who has kindly taken into here care a thousand-odd records 6000 miles away from where I actually live!!

    ps awwww, I miss my babies...

  20. Hello, Giorgio Gigli here!
    I really want to thank you guys for writing kind words and demonstrating entuxiasm about my mix, I'm very excited by your positive comments !
    I'ld like to reply to Dave about the "vinyl-only" question.
    Specifying "vinyl-only", I didn't mean that I'm better of an artist who plays less vinyls than me.
    In times of vinyl business crisis, when also big names started to play digital or just a few pieces of wax, my aim is to support labels who still invest time and money to produce their music on vinyl.
    By my side, I just play vinyls everywhere and everytime and I'll continue to play vinyls until quality music get released on it.
    I could use a laptop and a software, but I prefer the good old way as I don't want (and I don't need) to change my dj asset.
    Vinyl gave me emotions during my carieer and vinyl is the right tool for true emotions.
    But that's just my point of view.
    Anyway, there's no still a support, actually, that can be compared to the quality output that comes out from a vinyl, I think.
    Also I specified "vinyl-only" to make clear and understandable the imperfections you can listen in the mix, I used 3 turntables and no digital process was used to.
    Personally, I dislike the perfect mixes that come out from software and I feel in the mood to say that, at least, I prefer every artist who is doing something active behind the decks (taking out vinyls from their sleeves, for example).

    all the best from the sunny rome ;)

  21. the first half of the mix really took me by surprise - in a good way! wow what a fantastic journey of a mix. three decks too, v.cool! grazie mille giorgio, fantastico. Sento la mancanza di roma :o( jonnyp [a londra]

  22. big respect to giorgio
    big respect to italian taste....

    giorgio sei un grande....

  23. Fantastic mix which will need to be played a great number of times to give me a chance to get my ears around such wonderful sounds.

    Also, agreed in what was said by Giorgio in relation to spinning vinyl. Full support.

  24. great mix, a track list would be useful too...

  25. Oh mr. Gigli! Awesome Mix! The abyss of the firts fourty minutes is unique. It's like a different perception of the silence, like the architecture of Luis Barragan.
    And it can get in the mood of the real techno (specially in the last twenty minutes and the ending with Function-Regis) making the listener couldn't even notice it.

    A tracklist would be awesome. That track that talks about "california" with serenity is incredible..

  26. no tracklist for this one, but the track talking about 'california' is from tin man (we just had a mix from him, btw):


  27. wow thanks for that ID! Saludos from argentina!!

  28. Loads of tracks from Mika Vainio's double LP "Oleva" are in the mix, the first few tracks for example. That's one killer album.

  29. Mr. Gigli, I want to know what's the name of the track that starts in the last 13 minutes! :O Its awesome!


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